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10 Packaging Companies in Singapore

by AndrewSmith
Top 10 Packaging Companies in Singapore

Singapore has recently established itself as an Asian economic powerhouse. To sell your items in Singapore’s growing market, you must ensure that your packaging is appealing to Singaporeans.

Whether a product is purchased in-store or online, the packaging is the first thing the consumer notices, frequently leaving an impression.  This first impression will continue to represent not only the product but also your entire brand.

The correct package not only charms customers but also keeps your goods secure throughout delivery and fresh. Unsure of where to start your journey? Continue reading for some fantastic options.

Paxxus-Engineered flexible packaging

PAXXUS is a flexible packaging supplier that caters to the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, life science, and medical devices industries. Their range of packaging products includes FFS flexible, high barrier, and sterilizable packaging. Also, to meet the industry sterility standards, most of their products are made of high-grade foil materials like Propapeel STM or Tyvek™.

QQ Studio– A wide range of sustainable packaging options

QQ Studio has all a business needs when it comes to the great packaging. This is particularly true regarding pouches and bags for food packaging. Various sizes and types are available, like stand-up pouches, zip lock bags, and kraft paper pouches, which are all mainly designed for multiple purposes. All the packages are made from high-quality materials.

They also create compostable and bio-degrabable packaging bags making them one of the first companies in Singapore to provide sustainable packaging options that cater to different needs.

Tobe Packaging Industries Pte Ltd- Plastic packaging manufacturer

Tobe Packaging specializes in pouches and bags in various sizes and shapes. They are made of plastic and offer non-barrier flexible, robust packaging. The packaging company specializes in rotogravure printing and is ideal for businesses looking for custom-made plastic packaging for non-food and food products.

Bags and Pouches PTE LTD- The largest supplier of flexible packaging bags

The company gives you an extensive list of flexible pouches and bags to select from, including non-barrier and barrier designs. They also provide in-stock, customizable, flexible packaging designs that may be branded according to your requirements.

Dillic Packaging- Quality food packaging

Dillic packaging is one of the best packaging companies for home users, SMEs, and corporations in Singapore. They feature ready-made options and storage boxes of various sizes available. If you prefer custom-made packages, they range from double cover containers, full-overlap slotted to regular slotted and half-slotted.

NES Packaging- Top plastic packaging supplier in Singapore

Launched in 2014, NES packaging specializes in a wide range of plastic packaging using different materials like aluminum foil, nylon, and HDPE. They are great for applications like product sealing, shopping bags, and textile fastening boxes.

Asiapak PTE LTD- Leading paper bag manufacturer

Most of the firm’s flexible goods are paper bags and packaging used by retailers. They are biodegradable and can be tailored to meet the client’s demands. Asiapak produces different types of paper bags in various sizes, utilizing only bleached kraft paper, art cards, and brown paper. The bags can be customized or in standard design.

VektroPack PTE- Experts in flexible, rigid, and sustainable packaging

The firm manufactures flexible packaging for the non-food or food industries. Its innovations include plastic pouches and firm rolls with barriers like resealable zips and spouts.

Million Parcel- Better quality packaging at affordable prices

By providing various cost-effective and durable packaging products, you can differentiate your company from the competition and enhance earnings thanks to Million Parcel’s great packaging options! They offer low-cost packaging materials that improve customer satisfaction by decreasing wear and tear, damage, and dents.

Give Box Love- Sweet & Simple Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

Give Box Love sells new carton boxes and old ones, which are reasonably priced. Even if you choose old boxes, you can be confident that they are clean and in good shape. They come in various sizes, ranging from mini to medium, jumbo and big.

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