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brass coffee tables

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home with luxurious and quality things. Adding metals like silver and gold to your home makes it look expensive and elegant. However, there is another thing that does the same thing chosen, brass decor. Many decorators and designers are adding brass accents to homes to make them stand out. You can also do the same! 

Read on to find out about some brass home decor items for your brass coffee tables that will give your home a rich look.

Reasons to Add Brass Decor Items to Your Home

  • Brass is important for our bodies because it helps make hormones and enzymes. It also helps your digestive system work better and has properties that protect cells from damage.
  • On the mental side, brass helps you to keep alert and cool.
  • Brass can keep things fresh, and food cooked in brass pots and pans keeps its texture and taste. This is why older homes would have pots and pans made of brass.
  • Brass decorations show off rich culture and history, and as more and more people realize this, they also learn how useful brass items can be.

Brass Accessories For Your Coffee Table

1. Brass Photo Frame:

Family pictures in frames can also look nice on brass coffee tables. But you don’t want to put in too many, or your space will start to look cluttered. With just one or two brass frames, you can show off some of your favorite family memories. If you don’t like photos, you can frame tickets from your favorite quote, a recent trip, or even the artwork your kids made.

2. Brass Key Holder:

Keyholders are in every house and are very useful, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This brass key holder is also a customized decor item for your coffee table and is designed according to your style and designs, which gives key holders a whole new look. One of the brass home decor items has intricate Dhokra art and would look great with almost any house’s style.

3. Brass Bowls:

In order to add a rustic look to your home interior, choose a set of decorative bowls for the coffee table. It helps to make your coffee table more attractive and inviting. You can also use it to keep your keys, coins and filling with candies for your guests.

4. Brass Bookends:

Even though books that are the right size for a coffee table are great, you can also put regular-sized books on your coffee table. If you do, a beautiful pair of bookends can really finish off the look. Go to a thrift store near you and pick up a set of old books to put on display.

5. Brass Candle Holder:

When you light a candle in the evening, it changes the mood of the room and helps you relax a bit. Moreover, it is also one of the best decor items for your brass coffee table.  Choose one that smells good to you and gives a new look to your living room and bedroom. On the other hand, if you had rather diffuse essential oils, choose a cordless candle diffuser for the aromatherapy benefits.

6. Handmade Brass Showpieces :

When it comes to brass home decor, we usually look for small showpieces or figurines that are easy to move around and clean. You could look at the brass figurines in brass home decor collections. They would look great in your living room and give your home a good feeling.

Choose brass decor things for your brass coffee tables. You can choose anyone from above for your home.

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