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A Complete Guide to Essay Writing

by AndrewSmith
Essay writing help

Essays have been part of academic life for years. You can’t escape essays if you are a student. Essays can get challenging if you are unfamiliar with the concept and its different types. Let us help you familiarise yourself with essays and their types. This essay writing help can inspire you to do your homework Canada.

Essays are long-form writing requiring a formal and professional tone. Used to convey information, academic professionals and students use it to talk about a particular topic in-depth. The essay writer must thoroughly research and verify the facts and figures. It should enlighten the readers and provide detailed information. If the essay satisfies the criteria, it can go ahead with getting published offline and online.

Multiple types of essays have different writing styles and formats. Familiarising with them is essential as you will be required to work on different types of essays. You must know how to write them perfectly to achieve good grades.

Different types of essays include:

  • Expository
  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive

Let’s understand the different types of essay writing in detail with our essay writing help experts.

Expository essay

It aims to provide detailed information without any personal opinions. It could be a short or a broad topic. The essay writer needs to be neutral and not take any sides. The Introduction must contain a thesis statement. Make sure you provide enough evidence in your body. The objective tone makes the reader decide their opinions without any external influence. The conclusion should restate the main points.

Two words to describe this essay- Logical and Straightforward, and that is all you need to remember while writing an expository essay.

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Argumentative Essay

In contrast to expository essays, you need to take a side and provide evidence to support your thesis statement. By nature, to conduct an argument means to do detailed research. In other words, you need to do a literature review. You can collect information through surveys, polls, interviews or observations.

The information will widen your knowledge, allowing you to make an informed decision. It will not be biased and will give you a clear understanding of the matter. Clarity is a must to persuade your readers. Through enough pieces of evidence, you can justify your argument and convince your readers as well.


  1. Be respectful in your tone while counter-arguing.
  2. Do not criticise anyone.
  3. Merely state why their opinion is wrong and provide proof to support your statement.

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Descriptive Essays

As the name suggests, it describes some object, individual, place, etc. The aim is to inform the audience about the particular subject. They can use sensory information like taste, smell, touch, appearance or sound to make the readers feel the object right in front of their eyes. Use concise images to paint a picture. It could be short or long, depending on the subject.

E.g. If asked to write a descriptive essay on a literary text, you can mention the writer, language, tone, time, translation, metaphors used, what it conveys and what emotions they provoke.

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Narrative Essays

It refers to narrating a story where you can use the first person and display your thoughts. The report can be meant to move, provide anecdotes or be insightful. With the help of imagination, an essay writer can build scenarios, settings, characters, actions, climax, etc. An essay writer can write about personal experiences and emotions. In descriptive essays, a subject is an object devoid of action.

Using the first person is not essential. You can use the third person but make sure to be consistent. Being a story, it has the potential to move readers. It can do without the traditional 5 paragraph essay, but having an Introduction and conclusion is a must.

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Persuasive Essays

To write a persuasive essay, having a strong opinion is a must. It forms the central idea of the essay. You should include your opinion in the thesis statement. It gives the readers an idea of what the essay will be about. Make sure to be consistent with your opinion. Provide pieces of evidence to support your statement. Be compelling through data and facts to persuade your readers.

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