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A Quick Guidance Of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022

by AndrewSmith
QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022

The locally installed accounting program QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus contains more than 100 reports and inventory monitoring.

The QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus package is a top option for accounting software for small-business owners who want a locally installed product, won’t exceed the three-user limit, and don’t need industry-specific capabilities. Although it lacks some advanced functionalities, such as financial forecasting and QuickBooks enterprise, the program excels in the areas that matter most to small businesses.

Here are some of its main characteristics:

  • Reporting.
  • Invoicing.
  • Tracking of income and expenses.
  • Tracking sales tax.
  • management of the accounts payable process.
  • Time tracking.
  • Inventory tracking

Definite components 


Annually, $349.99 and up.

The number of customers is a maximum

3 in number.

Disclosing to accountants

Users have the option to create an Accountant’s Copy and email it to their accountant. The file needs to be imported back after any changes. It is a Good component. 


For those who require additional users or require sophisticated capabilities, QuickBooks Desktop provides the Premier Plus and Enterprise plans. We can say it comes under Excellency.

 It’s simple to use.

QuickBooks products work best for business owners who have some prior accounting experience. The Online plans look more contemporary than the desktop versions. Another good and valuable component. 

Find out the process for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus.

 Users must have a Windows 8.1 or 10 operating system, Internet Explorer 11, and at least 2.5 GB of free disk space to install QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus because it is not cloud-based. From there, creating a corporation filing takes roughly 10 minutes. The next step is for users to enter information regarding their company contacts, sales tax, the goods or services they offer, and any additional users who will have access to the software. After the setup procedure is finished, QuickBooks advises making an initial backup of the company information.

Pro Plus does not allow small business owners to access their books while on the road, but they can still upload bills and scan receipts using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app.


The number of users and the QuickBooks Payroll add-ons determine the annual cost of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus. Business owners can add payroll to any QuickBooks Desktop plan for an extra cost, and each additional user costs $200 more annually. If you need more than three total users, consider upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus, which supports up to five simultaneous users and up to five users.


Robust inventory tracking.

Despite being QuickBooks Desktop’s entry-level plan, the Pro Plus version has powerful inventory management features. Business owners can issue purchase orders, track products, and maintain tabs on the cost of things using the software, which will also notify them when inventory levels are getting low.

Products on your items list can be categorized as either “inventory parts” or “inventory assemblies,” and from there, you can add more information like the item name, item number, whether it’s a subitem or not, buy cost, sales price, and preferred vendor. Additionally, you can link the item to an asset account, a cost of goods account, and an income account using the software.

More than 100 reports are available. 

Taxes, sales by customer, job profitability, estimations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, payroll, purchases by vendor, open bills, and other topics are covered in the reports included with the Pro Plus package. Many of these report types are additionally broken down into summary and detailed reports. Additionally, users can automatically schedule reports.

Affordability Of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus

The least expensive desktop version of the company’s software, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, costs $349.99 per year, or about $29 per month. It includes features like inventory management that you’d need to pay $80 per month to get with QuickBooks Online. In light of that, the Pro Plus plan is a good deal if you don’t mind utilizing desktop applications and don’t need more users.


 Although there was enough information there, I hope it was helpful. You are now informed regarding all aspects of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus. You gained knowledge about the price of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, the number of customers, and its advantages. Apply all this cluster of knowledge while using QuickBooks, and always go for the advanced version of QuickBooks.

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