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Aditech Free Fire Id: Get Complete Information Here!

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Aditech Free Fire Id

In the current era, we cannot indeed deny the fact that demand for the Free Fire game is increasing rapidly in distinct areas of the world, particularly in India. That being said, we should mention that the Free Fire game is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store.  

Due to the rising trends of shooting games such as the Free Fire Game, a significant number of individuals upload gaming content on their YouTube Channels. This is because of the fact that players of such shooting or multiplayer games enjoy watching such videos on a regular basis.  

In this writing, we will examine in detail the Aditech Free Fire Id. Aditech is basically a well-recognized YouTuber who uploads Free Fire videos regularly on his personal YouTube channel.  

What Exactly is the Aditech Free Fire Id? 

If the truth is told, we cannot hide the actuality that Aditech, also commonly known as Atharva Rao, is one of the most evolving YouTubers in the current era and has gathered immense popularity on the internet. The main reason why Atharva Rao has become so popular in such a short period of time is his dedication to uploading Free Fire videos regularly on his YouTube channel.  

Having said that, one should also be mindful of the truth that Atharva Rao currently has a subscriber count of more than 3 million on his official YouTube channel. In addition to providing an engaging commentary during his YouTube videos, Atharva Rao is also appreciated by his followers and fans for the video challenges that he features in his interesting gameplay videos.  

Aditech Free Fire Id and Overall Statistics 

On his official ID on the Free Fire game, Atharva Rao has participated in around 8719 quad matches. Out of these 8719 quad matches to which Atharva Rao has contributed, he has won around 1519 quad matches. In complement to this, you should likewise note that currently, the Aditech Id has a K/D ratio of 3.33. This is because of the fact that he has killed 23995 times during the 8719 quad matches that he has played so far.  

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Apart from this, one should also comprehend the fact that the Aditech Id has a winning ratio of 17.42% at the current stage of his gaming career. Now, allow us to also enlighten you with the statistics of the Aditech Free Fire Id with respect to the duo games in which he has participated so far. At the current moment, we can say that the Aditech Free Fire Id has participated in around 2009 duo games. 

Out of the 2009 duo games in which the Aditech Free Fire Id has participated so far, he has been able to win 87 games, which is indeed a decent record considering the difficulty level of the Free Fire game. Furthermore, it is surely essential to mention that the Aditech Free Fire Id has collected 427 flags with a K/D ratio of 2.39 in the duo mode of the Free Fire game.  

All About the Aditech UID and YouTube Channel 

The official name of the YouTube channel of Atharva Rao is Aditech, which we believe you might have already gathered now. That being said, you should know that Atharva Rao decided to initiate his official YouTube channel around three years back. However, the channel currently possesses more than 3 million subscribers on the YouTube platform.  

While talking about the statistics of the youtube channel of Atharva Rao, it is indeed worth mentioning that this young lad has uploaded around 300 gaming videos on his official YouTube channel to date. It is because of this reason that his YouTube channel possesses more than 50 million lifetime views at the current moment.  

What is the Net Worth and Income of Aditech UID? 

At the present stage of his professional career, the monthly income of Atharva Rao is expected to be somewhere between $25,000 USD to $405,000 USD. Considering the subscriber count and popularity of Atharva Rao on various social media platforms, we can predict his net worth to be somewhere around $5 million USD.  

That being said, you should also comprehend that the Aditech Free Fire Id earns money with the help of a considerable number of sources. Atharva Rao earns money through social media platforms as well, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Apart from this, he also makes a significant sum of money by working in association with several advertisers on social media. Isn’t it amazing?


In this writing, we have cited all the crucial details regarding the Aditech Free Fire Id. This young Indian YouTuber has gathered around 3 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

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