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All About Casio G-Shock Watch Collection

by AndrewSmith
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The world of wristwatches is broad. The industry has too much to offer for Men, women and even kids. There are several high-quality brands, which are affordable too, however, one brand that is most loved by people is Casio. A brand that is known for manufacturing digital watches for women and men that are durable, reliable and versatile. Among different collections of Casio watches one that is the most popular is its G-shock collection.

The mastery of the G-shock was not understood by the people at the time of its launch. This was because G shock watches were fundamentally tech-themed and nerdy. These modern plastic watches were invented to appeal to professionals who needed durable timepieces, however, it was not easy for the society who prefer traditional dress watches to shift to something created using plastic.

Later Casio G shock watches again debuted for business people. These watches were designed to be shockproof and waterproof with the most advanced technology. The watch has a metal case and bracelet, targeting a more sophisticated audience. However, people took G shock abilities for granted and assumed inexpensive sports watches to be better. During the late 90s, due to the adoption of American youth pop culture, the popularity and sales of G-shock and Casio watches increased.

The company focused on delivering and producing specific watches for a niche market, to match the modern lifestyle and needs. With time the demand for G-shock reduced as there was no reason for consumers to rebuy the same product hence, they planned to reevaluate the strategy of selling G-shock watches.

casio watches for women

Casio G-shock watches are not only about durability but functionality too. With comfort and convenience, G-shock watches were the major player in the watch space.

Let us now discuss some of the best and most popular G-shock watches-

     1.G-Shock GW9400-1B Rangeman watch:

This beautiful product for the Rangeman series has a triple sensor that helps in resisting harsh natural environments such as atmospheric pressure, altitude, temperature and orientation. It has a cylindrical button that helps in smooth operation and displays precise information. It has an inverted LCD which makes it entirely black and its durable and powerful design gives the watch an edge. The watch is specifically made with functions necessary for activities in extreme environments.

  1. G-Shock GMA-S2100 watch:

This elegant product has a simple and slim design with a digital display. The octagonal bezel and one-tone 3D dial give it a simple yet stylish look. The watch is shock resistant and waterproof with other regular features like an alarm clock and calendar.

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  1. G-Shock Classic watch:

With the plastic case and plastic resin strap this watch has Casio movement and mineral crystal display. The G-shock classic watch is suitable for diving, featuring functions like a stopwatch, daily/monthly alarm and backlight.

  1. G-shock GM-S5600BR-5 watch:

This Casio watch for women has elegant ethereal monochromatic bronze colour with a matte finish. The watch is infused with sophistication and can be worn when attending a meeting or corporate party.

  1. G-Shock Ana-Digi watch:

G-shock watches have always been a trendsetter and this is true with the Ana-Digi watch. Casio succeeded in introducing a watch that has both digital as well as analogue displays. The Analogue-digital watches from G-Shock has normal hands as well as separate digital window offering additional functions and further information.

casio watches for women

Since the time G-shock watches were launched, they gained public attention and became the talk of the town! The durability, affordability and comfort that the brand Casio has provided are commendable. The brand has never failed to deliver watches that are stylish and fulfil the market requirement.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best and cheap Casio watches that are technically savvy, comfortable and durable. Give and Take is known to provide affordable watches for women and men that are of high quality. They have a huge collection of Casio watches for women and men available at affordable prices. Explore all their collections and choose the one that suits your requirement.

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