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5 Best FPS Games You Should Try

by AndrewSmith
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The best FPS games transport us to various places and time periods. They can look fantastic, especially with more recent entrants appearing on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and they can surprise us with unique interpretations and riffs on the old concept. With a plethora of varied enemies to confront, the best FPS games frequently entice us with their flair and speed.

In this list of the best FPS games, we look at our top recommendations for games that use first-person shooting as their main mechanic. While FPS elements can be found in action RPGs like Fallout 4 and action-adventure games like Deathloop, they won’t be found here, and third-person shooters are also excluded to keep this list strictly focused on the FPS genre – though you’ll likely find many of those on our list of the best shooters.

1. Splitgate

One of the most innovative FPS games of the present generation is also one of the most addictive. Split gate is a quick and elegant shooter that answers the question, “What would happen if Halo and Portal had a baby?” Not only would the child have a tremendously twitchy trigger finger, but it would also behave far better than you might expect. Splitgate’s frenetic free-to-play multiplayer mayhem is always exciting, with an impactful arsenal that rivals the Master Chief’s ordnance at its peak. The introduction of those portals, though, adds a layer of strategy and bristling mayhem to what is already becoming a legendary FPS.

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2. Valiant

Riot Games’ attempt to reclaim the competitive FPS title in CS: GO. It’s a cross between Valve’s twitchy shooter and Overwatch’s over-the-top heroes: it’s still a tactical FPS where positioning is king and you die in one headshot, but each class has flashy talents and abilities that may change the course of a round. Some allow you to leap into the air, while others ping opponent positions, while ultimate abilities can damage adversaries through walls and clear entire sections. It’s more colorful than CS: GO, but the crisp aesthetics show that substance takes precedence over style.

3. Black 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood, a modern twist on Valve’s classic Left 4 Dead, is one of the most significant third-party additions to Xbox Game Pass in the last year or two. While solo play simply provides basic zombie-slaying thrills, the action is greatly enhanced by a terrific co-op option that provides equal parts companionship and anarchy. The B-Movie charm and clever card system add humor and strategy to a game that lets you appreciate every last gasp dive to that safe room… whether you make it there with your spleen intact or not.

4. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a World War I shooter with shocking destruction. It has all of the old BF modes we’ve learned to know, such as Conquest, Rush, and Domination, but it also includes the fearsome Operations mode, which pushes the push and pull of battle to new heights. This game works so well as a multiplayer shooter because it’s so perfectly balanced – no class, weapon, or approach gives an undue edge over others.

5. Dusk

The greatest of a recent generation of unapologetically old-school shooters. Many recent games recreate the sensation of first playing Quake or Doom, but Dusk is the smoothest, fastest, and goriest. It’s like the finest of the 90s, but with a few modern tweaks like precise reload animations and imaginative level design that set it apart. The maps are different and keep you guessing: one minute you’re on a frightening old farm with a shotgun cleaning out barns, the next you’re in a research lab that twists back on itself, the walls becoming the floor as you turn your head.

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The best FPS games transport us to a variety of locations and eras. They can look great, especially with the more recent entrants emerging on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and they can surprise us with new interpretations and spins on classic concepts. I hope you like the post.


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