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Best Steps In Golf To Make All Of Your Short Putts

by AndrewSmith

Golf is a great sport to play, and you can improve your game by taking the time to study how golfers make their short putts. This article will show you how to analyze golfers’ strokes and aim points, and then apply this knowledge when putting yourself into position for a perfect shot that leaves your opponent in awe!

Golf Stroke of your short putts

The golf stroke is the motion of your club head. It’s also how you swing the club, and it’s what makes your putt go in the hole.

The key to making all of your short putts is to take a look at each shot individually and understand what needs to happen before you even pick up your putter. When you’re starting out, don’t worry about memorizing any rules or terminology—just focus on keeping things simple and fluid so that they come naturally when playing later on down the road!

The most important thing to remember when putting is that you need to be consistent. This means that your putts should always go in the same direction and finish at a similar distance from the hole. If they don’t, then your stroke needs refining and adjusting until it’s just right.

Golf Aim of your short putts

  • Aim for the hole. This is a very important thing to do if you want to make your short putts. If you aim at the hole, then it will be easier for your ball to go in and out of there without any problems. If your ball hits off-center or even off-center slightly, then it could go anywhere else on its own accord and might not even make it inside of the cup!
  • Aim for the back of the cup. “The back” refers to where part of our bodies are when we’re standing up straight (our “backs”). We usually think about this area as being behind us; however, since we’re standing up straight with our eyes looking forward toward where we’re aiming for (the hole), I’d like us all now to consider also thinking about how far away from us that point would need to be so that we can effectively hit into its center when taking our shot!”

The distance from the back of your body to where you’re aiming for (the hole) is called your “backswing.” Most people take a full-length swing when they’re trying to putt: They stand up straight, then bend over at the waist and swing their arms forward in front of them. This is not what we want to do! Instead, what we want is a small, quick swing that will only cause our ball to go about as far forward as a normal shot taken with a driver or fairway wood would go.

Golf Speed of your short putts

Golf speed depends on a number of factors. The clubhead speed can be increased by putting more effort into your follow-through, or it can be decreased by not applying enough grip pressure. Your golf speed also depends on the distance from the hole and how close you are to making contact with the ball.

It’s important to understand how each of these variables affects your golfing ability so that you can make sure they’re all working in sync when it comes time for those short putts!


So there you have it, 3 quick steps to improving your short putts. As you may have noticed, these steps do not require any golf equipment or special skills. They are simple and easy to implement into your practice routine!

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