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Business Success With Public Relations

by AndrewSmith
Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is often employed in the business world today when non-profit organizations and businesses of all sizes strive to make their budgets stretch in today’s economic downturn. However, many do not understand what PR is and the best way to utilize it.

The Official Definition of Public Relations

It is said that the American Heritage Dictionary defines public relations as “the art or science of establishing a favorable relationship with the public.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm or institution.” The definition clearly implies that it’s all about relations… between the public.

“The “public” may be a diverse group of people with some interest in the business. According to the type of company, it could include employees, donors, investors, community members, and even media. Rapport is developed with different stakeholders to improve or sustain the organization’s image.

How Is The Purpose of Public Relations Different From Advertising?

Although PR is often mistaken for advertising, they are very different. Advertising is the process of using paid advertisements to promote products or services. PR utilizes publicity or exposure that doesn’t require payment, or that doesn’t require payment through third-party media outlets to generate news or articles that interest the public. These advertisements give third-party credibility that advertising does not have.

Who wouldn’t want free publicity about your service or product? How can you achieve this?

Create newsworthy stories. The public relations professionals’ principal instrument is the release. Inform local media outlets about the current situation of your company. Did you sign a new customer? Did you hire a new employee? Have you received an award or reached a significant landmark?

Ensure the story is current and relevant, not an advert disguised as a story. Remember the five W’s: who is who, what’s the time, and where and why. When possible, include a quote from someone connected to the story. Be sure to have a high-resolution image to go along with the report. Attach the news release to an MS Word document to make it easy for the reporter or editor to utilize the information. Also, I’ve noticed that they enjoy the content within the text of an email rather than as an attachment.

Other essentials in the toolbox of PR are special occasions (ground-breakings and ribbon-cuttings) as well as speeches (reach for your nearby Rotary club or to other civic associations) and community service and assistance (sponsor a non-profit event or take part in a fundraising event,). You can then use the news release to share the background of your project. Invite media members to attend. If they cannot make it, you can send a wrap-up news release following the event and include photos of the ceremony.

The most important thing to remember is that the PR business is about relationships.

Develop relationships with your customers – attend events, and be involve. Take the time to get acquaint with the editors and reporters of these media companies that will be important to your business. A well-placed and targeted pick-up of a news release could benefit your company, giving your brand exposure and goodwill you’re likely to duplicate using paid ads – and at less than the cost.

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