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Choosing Eye Shadow – Which Is Perfect for You?

by AndrewSmith
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Bright mono-shadows with “special effects” and large palettes with shades for all occasions look tempting, but after purchase, they often lie idle. The reason is that they are not always right for you. When choosing eye shadows, it is necessary to consider the color of the eyes and other individual features of appearance.

Today we will talk about the criteria for selecting eye shadows. It’s no secret that with their help you can create literally any custom eyeshadow palette, from a single-color haze and smoky eyes with an expressive transition of colors to make up with an emphasis on the crease and cat eye. Even graphic arrows are no exception: wet application of the product allows you to get the desired result. For the result to always be on top, the shadows should suit you in texture and shades.

How To Choose Eye Shadow According to The Color Type of Appearance?

The theory of color types is still relevant: it allows you to determine the range of shades that will be in harmony with the skin tone, eye, and hair color.


The color type “winter” is a contrast. In this case, they usually talk about Snow White’s appearance, a combination of dark hair and porcelain skin. Against the background of light skin, the eyes, regardless of their color, literally glow, which makes the image even more spectacular. It remains only to enhance their expressiveness with makeup.

“Winter” girls are more cold shades. But it is also not worth excluding the warm range completely. It is quite possible to paint lips with red lipstick and apply copper shadows with and without shimmer on the eyelids.

Beige-brown gamma can also serve as the basis for eye makeup. True, it is better to choose products without a golden sheen.

Skin tone

These days, skin tones are divided into two types: warm and cool. Despite this, different cosmetics companies will determine for their products which shade is cool and which is vice versa. There is no defined standard. At the same time, different shades suit different shades, and it will be much easier for you if you know everything about your face.

To check what shade your skin is, you need to pay attention to the veins on the eyelids. In healthy people, the veins are normally blue in color, and if the skin gives them a greenish color, then it has a yellow tint. If it gives purple, then your shade is red.

If you have a warm skin tone, then the following colors will look most advantageous: bronze, vanilla, ivory, and any shades of brown, pink, and coral. If cold, experiment with light blue, lilac, greenish and turquoise.

Eye color

Using eye color to determine the optimal palette of shadows, you are sure to get to the point and focus the attention of others exactly where it is needed. Choosing a color that complements your eyes (opposite on the color wheel) will allow you to spice up your look. If you use shadows that are like the color of your eyes, the effect will be softer and more natural.

Blue Eyes

It’s no secret that orange is the opposite of blue, so any shade of orange combined with blue eyes will look simply irresistible. To create a stunning image, blue-eyed girls are best to use all shades of orange, red, and yellow. Copper, brown, gold, coral, and pink – they are made just for you.

To create a more mysterious and slightly more natural look, purple and greenish are suitable. Interesting, but not defiant, lilac, plum or olive will look.

Green eyes

When choosing shades for green-eyed girls, you should pay attention to shades of red, such as burgundy, pink, and, directly, red. Purple, lavender, and peach will help you effortlessly create the look of your dreams and perfectly complement the natural beauty of your eyes.

Warm metallic colors such as bronze and copper will not only accentuate your eyes but will also be a great addition to the gray or brown specks on the iris, which green-eyed people often boast.

Brown eyes

Brown doesn’t mean boring. In fact, brown-eyed people are very lucky – the range of shades playfully combined with their eyes is incredibly large. Makeup lovers with such eyes can safely experiment with amber, copper, gold, ash, lavender, and gray.


In addition, do not forget that the three primary colors – yellow, red, and blue, when mixed, form brown. So, if you are lucky, choose any color that you think is in harmony with brown and be creative – there will be no end to everyone’s attention.

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