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Study the Class 12 Economics Syllabus Online from Beginning

by AndrewSmith
CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus PDF Download

Are you petrified of Economics in class 12 and fear that you might score less marks in the board exams? Do you also feel conflicted about which section of the Class 12 Economics Syllabus you should study first? Don’t worry; this article will solve your doubts. Here are some easy yet effective study tips for you to study class12 economics.

Class 12th Economics is very important, not only for passing class 12th exams but also for further professional courses like CA. So, you should focus on clearing your concepts. For that, VSI Jaipur is the best online coaching institute you should visit. They will make Economics easy for you. Want to know how? Find out below.

How to study the Class 12 Economics Syllabus with VSI Jaipur?

Firstly, you should download the Economics syllabus pdf online. After that, collect the study resources like NCERT Class 12 Economics books, Sample Papers, and Last Year Papers from the VSI Jaipur website. You can also watch the coaching institute’s YouTube channel for learning the important topics of class 12 Economics. The subject teachers explain the topics very well at VSI Jaipur.

VSI Jaipur also shares the latest updates on the Class 12 Eco Syllabus, so even for any new changes in the syllabus, students can visit their website.

Overview of CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus

The topics and marking scheme remain almost the same every year for the Economics subject. However, CBSE deleted the syllabus of Economics Class 12 by 30% last year. It was done due to the difficulties in online education. But CBSE has re-added those topics for the CBSE 12 Economics Syllabus of this year. See the latest topics and marking scheme below:

Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 12 Eco Syllabus

Units Unit Name Marks Distribution
National Income and Related Aggregates 12
Money and Banking 6
Determination of Income and Employment 10
Government Budget and the Economy 6
Balance of Payments 6
Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991 12
Current Challenges facing the Indian Economy 22
Development Experience of India – A Comparison with

Study Plan and Unit-Wise Tips for Class 12 Economics Syllabus

Study Tips for Macroeconomics

  • Practical and theory questions are asked from the National Income unit. So practice for both types of questions. Also, learn the formulae and understand concepts if you want to score well in this unit. A question on the recent National GDP can be framed. So read the current data for it.
  • CBSE generally asked only theory types of questions from Money and Banking. But current affair data can come in the exam. For example, current repo rate, SLR, etc. These points are often overlooked so students should pay attention to current affair topics.
  • The Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply unit are lengthy and time-consuming. So study this unit with patience. Numerical and theory, both types of questions can come from this unit. Additionally, curves are very important in this unit. So practice them as well.
  • The government budget unit is also very easy. Only theory questions come from this unit.
  • Difficult questions can come from the Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Rate unit. So focus on understanding the concepts.

Study Tips for Indian Economic Development

  • This part of the CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus gives you the liberty to write answers in your words. Because there are no technical terms, you can score marks easily if you know the correct answer and present it well.
  • The Economic Reforms unit is difficult and a little boring. S,o you should study it like a storyline because this method will help you learn them better.
  • In the second unit, you have to only understand the economic challenges and their impact. However, you should also learn some recent data related to the chapters. It will enable you to write scoring answers in exams.
  • Unit 3 is again easy. However, you have to learn about current affairs because there is a high possibility of such questions being asked in the exam.

Check online to study relevant current affairs for your class 12th Economics topics.

Study Plan

Before the study plan, you should first know which units are scoring in the Class 12 Economics Syllabus. Furthermore, knowing where you can lose marks will also help in your studies.


Unit 1- National Income and Unit 5- Balance of Payments are the two units where the chances of losing marks are higher. However, Unit 2- Money and Banking and Unit 4- Government Budget are both easy units. Therefore, you can score full marks easily. While Unit 3- AD and AS is moderate in difficulty level. So, if your concepts are strong, you can score well in this unit.

Indian Economic Development

Units 1 and 3 are moderately difficult chapters. As a result, students mostly lose marks in these two units. But Unit 2- Current Challenges facing Indian Economy is very easy. It is also considered the most scoring unit of the whole CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus.

Keeping this in mind, both sections require equal effort. So you can begin the syllabus with any of the units. But we recommend starting with Macroeconomics. This is because it needs more conceptual learning. Whereas the Indian Economic Development section focuses on learning about the past and present Economic conditions. So you may need more time for Section A.


Q1. Which is the best book for studying class 12 Economics?

Ans. Use Class 12 Economics Syllabus NCERT books for your studies.

Q2. Is self-study enough for the Economics subject in class 12?

Ans. You should take some classes or study online, at least for Macroeconomics. While you can do Indian Economic Development by yourself if you are a quick theory learner.

Q3. How to score a 90+ in class 12 Economics paper?

Ans. Study the complete syllabus and follow our tips.

Q4. Is this year’s course reduced like the CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus of last year?

Ans. CBSE has added the 30% syllabus back for the current session.

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We hope now you can study all the topics of the Economics syllabus with ease. Instead of figuring out things yourself, apply the study tips. Because we have suggested them after seeing the latest exam paper design of CBSE.

In addition to the tips, do visit the VSI Jaipur website. You will find useful resources that will make your learning experience less stressful and easier.

So make class 12th Economics subject a strong point and score 90+ marks.

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