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Join the Best NCERT/CBSE Free Class 12 Online Coaching

Join the Best NCERT/CBSE Free Class 12 Online Coaching

by AndrewSmith
class 12 online coaching

The syllabus for all the subjects of the Class 12 CBSE board is quite vast. This extensive syllabus needs to be understood and then prepared as per the requirements. Without any guidance, it becomes quite tough to complete the entire syllabus for the students. But here we have brought for you the best solution that will not only help you to prepare and complete the Class 12 syllabus but will also provide you with enough materials to practice for Class 12 Board Exams. Joining class 12 online coaching would be a suitable option.

So, here we are talking about the class 12 online coaching classes which are not only easy to access but also cheap and reliable. In online coaching classes, the students can get access to each of the chapters for all the subjects in a well systematic manner. And the best part is that they can anytime repeat any videos if they forget any of the concepts. Also, you can also get the revision videos and revision notes which you can refer to revise the subject matter before few days before the class 12 exam date. Therefore, Class 12 online coaching is the best way to get good marks in class 12 CBSE results. So, here we will dig out some more information on online coaching and also about the best and the free online coaching class for CBSE Class 12.

Class 12 Curriculum

Before moving forward, the students must be aware of their class 12 curriculum. Students can either get their syllabus from the official CBSE website or get it from the direct link. This curriculum is the basis from which you need to start your preparation. So, get all the curriculum for CBSE Class 12 subjects.

Benefits of Online classes

As we suggest that online classes are more effective for the class 12 students, the students must also know the benefits that they avail after being a part of Online Classes. So, let us go through the help of the online classes.

  • Students need not travel a lot to reach their coaching centers. They will save the travel cost and the time that they spend traveling.
  • Online classes can be repeated. So, you can view the same lectures as many times as you want to view them for revision.
  • Online classes are cheaper than offline institutes, so it also becomes cost-effective.
  • Also, on the days when you fail to attend the class, you do not have to miss the lectures.

Vidya Setu Learning- best online classes for class 12

Vidya Setu is one of the most reliable and leading online coaching institutes. It has everything and all the required features in an institute that provides the class 12 coaching classes. VidyaSetu is the only one that offers free video lectures to all the subjects of Class 12. Along with the video lectures, they also conduct the live doubt-solving section, where the experienced teachers solve the doubts of each of the students. Numerous features collectively make Vidya Setu the best online platform for the Class 12 students. So, now let us go through those major features of VidyaSetu.

  • VidyaSetu online coaching platform provides the students of class 12 with free online lectures. So, these classes do not cost a single penny to the students.
  • They also provide the students with all the essential study materials along with the practice materials.
  • At the end of every session, they conduct an online mock test that helps the students to revise the entire syllabus on time.
  • They conduct online doubt sessions for all the students where the teachers solve the doubts of each students very properly.

Hence, these were the major benefits that a class 12 CBSE student can avail from Vidya Setu classes.

Reviews and ratings

It is an obvious reason that whenever we opt for a coaching institute or the online classes then we go through the reviews and the ratings from the previous students. Same in the case of VidyaSetu, the students who are new and willing to join Vidya Setu must be curious about the experience of the past students. Apart from this they also wanted to know whether VidyaSetu is worth it or not? So, for such queries, there is just one answer VidyaSetu is the most trusted and reliable online coaching for class 12. And these words are not from VidyaSetu rather these are the words from the students who had studied here.

VidyaSetu has acquired full ratings from the students for their best classes and the proper study materials for examination practice. Even the teachers at VidyaSetu are very responsive and take the doubts from each of the students. This attracts the students the most that although is free coaching, the teachers pay attention to the doubts of each student. So, this is all that the previous Vidya Setu students had to say about Vidya Setu. On the basis of these ratings and reviews, you can rely on VidyaSetu for class 12 classes.


Therefore, online classes are the most reliable and super convenient way to complete your entire syllabus. Along with the convenience it also provides you with enough time and materials for revisions. Overall, online coaching classes are the best platform to complete the CBSE Class 12 syllabus on time. Moreover, if you have any doubts regarding any of the topics from class 12 then you can also place your doubts on the online platforms.

Here we also discussed the best online class for Class 12 which is VidyaSetu. At Vidya Setu, students get all the video lectures for all the subjects free of cost. They can also attend the live classes and in case the students who miss them can join later on to the recorded lectures. With Vidya Setu you do not have to search for the study materials and the sample question paper in different sources, you will get all the different sources in a single place. Therefore, if you are about to begin your class 12 preparation or even revising for the board exams then you must join the Vidya Setu Classes.

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