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Easy Dessert Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter

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Easy Dessert Recipes

Winter is the best of all seasons. You get to wear cute and cozy sweaters, bring out your fluffy blankets, and just sit back and enjoy chick flicks or Christmas movies. And of course, we can’t forget the important bit: Hot chocolate! No winter can or should go by without enjoying some hot chocolate. It is a must! However, hot chocolate is not the only thing that you can enjoy making and having on a cold winter day.

Winter is best for baking desserts that you can enjoy right out of the oven and can warm you up! While everyone would love to do just that, many people are hesitant because desserts can be very tricky to make. This is where the internet comes in. You will find multiple resources for simple recipes that any novice baker can manage as well. But, you do need a good internet connection for that, and if you are currently looking for one, check out Xfinity Internet on this link.

Moving back to the recipes, we have compiled a bunch of easy and unique ones that you can try this winter. Let’s take a look!

Hot Chocolate Cookies

If winter had a mascot, it would be hot chocolate. There’s nothing more comforting than wrapping your hands around the hot mug on a cold day and drinking that smooth and silky hot chocolate. Well, what if we told you that you could turn hot chocolate from a drink to something you can eat? With this recipe, you will get to make hot chocolate cookies with the same creamy texture and melted mini marshmallows!

This simple recipe was posted by Christy Denney on her blog titled, “The Girl Who Ate Everything”. You can make these cookies with the kids as well as it is just so simple and would make for a great activity with them! And you know what? The best part about hot chocolate is that you can have it at any time of the day as long as the weather is cold. The same applies to these yummy cookies as well!

Ultimate Skillet Brownie

How many of you think that skillet desserts are just on another level? We know we do! There’s just something about a skillet cookie or skillet brownie that somehow makes it taste even better than its alternative. And you know what? They’re not even that difficult to make or master. Just as a regular cookie or brownie can be a piece of cake (pun intended!), skillet cookies and brownies are just as fun to make. But you will need a skillet pan, of course.

You can find a recipe for this on Sally’s blog titled, “Sally’s baking recipes”. Keep in mind these brownies are made completely from scratch, and not with a box mix. Don’t get intimidated, however, because making brownies is actually very easy and this is why you need to try this recipe! Once the skillet brownie is done, just add a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream and maybe even some caramel sauce and dig right in!

Easy Christmas Blondies

Since we already talked about brownies, it only makes sense that we put in a simple recipe for blondies as well. And if you are one of the people who don’t know what a blondie is, it is like a cookie version of a brownie. To give you a better idea, you know that brownies use chocolate and cocoa powder to get their color and chocolatey taste, but blondies use brown sugar and vanilla extract, giving them more of a vanilla and caramel flavor.

You can find the recipe for easy Christmas-style blondies on “Crazy Adventures in Parenting” by Lisa Douglas. If you haven’t ever had a blondie, there’s no better way than to have one now! It’s not that difficult to make and it could be a fun activity involving children as well (especially for the decorating part at the end!).

Perfect Chocolate Fondue

Sometimes, you don’t really feel like having a very heavy dessert, rather you want something like a snack that sweetens up your mouth. In that case, chocolate fondue is the best solution. In order to make the fondue, you do need a fondue pot. You can find several options online and in stores. Once you have gotten that, the second-most important item is good quality chocolate. If you don’t use good-quality chocolate, then the taste will most likely be bad.

After those two things, the rest is pretty simple. You just follow the recipe you can find at “Mel’s Kitchen Café”. Make the fondue and get a plate of strawberries, marshmallows, wafers, pretzels, bananas, and anything else that might make for a great item to dip in the fondue and eat. You can even keep the leftover fondue in the fridge and reheat it for another time.

To Wrap It All Up

This brings us to the conclusion of our dessert recipes that you need to try right away! As we said before, they are pretty simple to make and for some of them, you can even just do it with your kid(s) as a family activity! So, which one are you trying first?

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