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The use of Minecraft with autistic children

The use of Minecraft with autistic children

by AndrewSmith

The idea behind the server was simple. Duncan wanted to create a place where children with autism could play Minecraft without being bullied or harassed by other players. He also wanted to create a space where parents could go and talk about their experience with autism, which they said was one of the most difficult things they had encountered in their lives. Stuart Duncan was the one who got the idea from a common blog.

He came out with his knowledge of autism and brought up his son with autism. Nevertheless, many autistic children face bullies in the game. If you are a teacher who takes classes for autistic children and cannot miss any class but has an emergency, then you always ask an expert online to pay someone to take my online exam.

The beginning of Minecraft

In the year 2013, Stuart Duncan, a web developer from Timmins, Canada, arranged a server to operate a version of Minecraft entirely for children with autism. At first, he roughly calculated that his server will bring online ten to twenty people but surprisingly, more than hundreds of people started requesting to join in the initial limited days. Duncan says he was “gobsmacked” by the response. So much so, that he set up a second server for children without autism.

The original server has over 2,000 registered users playing Minecraft together or meeting in real life to play with each other. The idea has since grown into an organization called Minecraft Autism Network (MAN), which Duncan founded with the help of volunteers from around the world. MAN’s mission is to provide an online platform for autistic kids and their families to meet and connect through Minecraft.

Duncan says MAN has helped thousands of people on both sides of the autism spectrum learn to communicate online and get along with others. In some cases, parents have found love through Minecraft, including one couple who met through MAN who is now married and expecting their first child together this year. Minecraft is a great tool for teaching children with autism. It allows them to develop communication skills, social skills, and imagination. Minecraft is also a great tool for autistic children because it is useful for all abilities. Every lesson is created with a plan that provides guiding concepts, learning aims, performance expeditions, and activities for students. Take an example of Science Island, it assists students with:

  • Creating a learning hint
  • Communicate the observations efficiently
  • Assessment of an educated guess plus articulation of a hypothesis
  • Reorganizing research, then cleaning up the place
  • This lesson is designed to help students with autism learn about science.
  • The lesson emphasizes learning about the scientific hypothesis, technique, and the use of Minecraft in an enlightening setting.
The lesson consists of three parts:
  • Part 1 – Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Part 2 – Observation and Experiments
  • Part 3 – Report Writing

Minecraft has been used in the classroom for years now. It is an incredibly powerful tool for learning, but it is also not just for kids. It can be a great resource for teachers looking for new ways to teach their students about science, technology, and history. Moreover, it is as an educational tool in schools worldwide to teach biology, chemistry, and physics subjects. The possibilities are almost limitless regarding what you can do with this game! some of the ways that teachers have used Minecraft in their classrooms are,

It allows students to learn about science without going out into the field or finding samples themselves physically. Students learn how temperature affects certain things (like plants) by creating temperature zones in their biomes and seeing how they change over time (such as growing faster at warmer temperatures). They can also learn how certain blocks react differently at different temperatures so they can create entire ecosystems.

Advantages that Minecraft offers the autistic children

  • Minecraft helps help autistic children learn social skills and how to behave appropriately in a group setting. It can be difficult for those with autism because they do not seem able to read body language and facial expressions as well as others.
  • The game allows players to explore their environment while having fun simultaneously. The player can build structures and make things out of materials available in their environments, such as dirt or sand. The player must then collect resources such as food for their character or characters to survive on their own or with others.
  • Players can create buildings from scratch or add additional details like windows or doors so that players will feel more at home within the
  • The Minecraft Education Edition is a non-profit educational version of the popular game Minecraft. In this version, students can explore virtual worlds they create with other students. The game includes over 20 activities and projects, including learning about science, art, and technology.
  • The Minecraft Education Edition takes place in a virtual world consisting of blocks that can be manipulated in various ways by the user. The goal is for students to learn how to use these blocks by creating projects involving them.

Science Island is a lesson plan that helps students learn about science concepts such as atoms, molecules, and cells through building different structures using blocks found in Minecraft’s randomly generated worlds. Each lesson plan includes Student Activities (SA), which provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete each activity or project.

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