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Essential Things To Pack While Moving To Canada


by AndrewSmith

Well, who doesn’t wish to advance their career prospects by studying in a developed nation? Especially when most developing countries reel from a variety of challenges like unemployment, corruption, poverty, etc. If we talk about India then the youth wishes to move to nations like Canada, the UK, etc which can provide them with a safe and better future. Moving to a new country is always a challenging task. But many students are ready to take this challenge for a better future.

You’re getting ready to make the decisive move and set out on the most thrilling adventure of your life. You must first decide what to bring to your new country, though. Moving to a new country and college may be incredibly stressful, despite how exciting it may be. If you haven’t yet applied for a Canada study visa then make sure you do so with the guidance of top study visa consultants. Now spending too much money when choosing what to bring to college might be easy, especially if you want to be prepared for anything.


Go through this article to know what essential things you need to pack while moving to Canada.


Choosing luggage according to weight

Picking your luggage is quite a perplexing yet vital part of your packing process. See you should know well that there are quite stringent rules for the weight allowed in your luggage. Now you must be wondering what’s the average weight you can carry. Well, it will be around 40-46 kg. Therefore spend a considerable time picking up your baggage according to the weight rules. We recommend you keep a weight of 23 kg each in 2 separate bags. You should carry a tough and large stroller bag that can easily hold all your stuff. It should be easy to handle and move so that you don’t face any issues carrying it around the airports. Additionally, you can take a backpack, handbag, etc with you while moving to Canada.


Plan everything before-hand

You need to pre-plan things in order to avoid problems later on. It is always better to have all the things in proper order and settings. Also, you have to be ready to deal with any arising emergency. Those students who do not plan things on time have to suffer unnecessary anxiety later on. Therefore it is vital to gather all your stuff before hand.

You should keep all soft copies of the essential documents, files, etc in your storage. Other vital information like your contacts should be saved already on your Google account. Now you should be well-versed in your flight details. If you have any allergies you would have to book an allergen-free meal weeks before you depart. Furthermore, an individual moving to Canada should know well about pickup and drop facilities at the airports of both India and Canada. See all this planning is going to benefit you immensely s you would not suffer any unnecessary anxiety on the day of travel.



You should know well that Canada faces harsh winters with adequate snowfall. So be prepared for harsh climatic conditions especially if you are moving from a country like India which has a tropical climate. Make sure that you are carrying enough warm clothing like thermal wear, sweatpants, etc while relocating to Canada. Canada experiences extreme cold. Be prepared to cover every area of your body with numerous layers. At -10°C, fingers can become frostbitten. Invest in the finest parka, boots, caps, scarves, and gloves you can afford. These clothes will help you remain warm during harsh climates and also can serve as fashion statements. Students do not carry adequate clothing to Canada. Consequently, they have to spend big bucks shopping for new clothes in Canada. Why would you wish to add a burden to your finances for no good reason? So make sure you plan your clothing after researching the weather of the region you’re going to reside in.


Don’t forget the documents

You must ensure that you carry all your important documents to Canada. You might have to furnish your details and documents at your new university. Though you might already have soft copies of your documents still it’s advisable to carry hard copies of each and every document. Now the list of the essential documents includes all your academic, offer letter , tuition fees receipt, GIC Receipt, and official documents [Original + Xerox extra copies]. Prepare a list of these documents and keep ticking them as you put them in your bag. Now if you wish to study in Canada then file your study visa with the assistance of the well-experienced Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar.



Moving to Canada will surely be an enriching experience for you. But it is vital to ensure that you pack all the necessary stuff carefully. This is important otherwise you might have to suffer unwanted stress and anxiety. This article mentions all the necessary things you need to pack while moving to Canada.

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