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Four Reasons to Use LED Lights for Your Business

by AndrewSmith
custom neon signs

A custom LED neon sign is a custom-made sign made of LED Neon, mounted to a clear acrylic backing. Once a customer types in the phrase they want to appear on their sign, the company creates the neon sign to their specifications. The sign’s size and length will vary depending on the font chosen and the number of letters. Typically, a six-letter sign will measure 7-9″ high and 24″ long. Larger signs can be between 11-14″ high and 30″ long.

LED flex signs

LED flex signs for neon signs are a new trend in signage that can be created in a number of ways. They offer the same look and feel as traditional neon signs while being much less expensive to produce. The LED lights used in these signs also last much longer than traditional neon lights. The LEDs can be used for different functions, such as changing the colours and brightness, which makes them a great option for outdoor or indoor use.

The most important thing to consider when making an LED sign is the placement of the LEDs. If there are too many LEDs in one space, they will consume more electricity, and if the LEDs are not spaced correctly, they may cause black spots. This is why LEDs need to be placed at the right distances so that they provide a steady source of light, which is similar to the effect of neon gas in a glass tube.

Glass tube neon signs

Glass tube neon signs are a type of sign that uses gas to create light. The gas is introduced in a special gas discharge tube that has a seal containing electrodes. Electric currents flow through the tube when the electrodes are energized by a voltage. Typically, neon emits red, but it can also produce blue or yellow. In some cases, manufacturers can use other gases, such as krypton, helium, or xenon, for different color effects.

Generally, large neon signs are made of several sections of glass tubing. The maximum length of each section is eight to ten feet. In some cases, smaller sections may be made with hand torches. Once the tubing has reached the desired length, electrodes are welded to each end. A vacuum is then created inside the tube and the gas is introduced.

NeonPlus(r) signs

LED neon signage is a great alternative to traditional neon signs. These signs are available in a wide range of bright colours and are energy-efficient. They also produce a powerful light and will last for years. Neon signage is an iconic form of signage, especially in nightlife areas.

NeonPlus is an innovative LED neon alternative. NeonPlus is manufactured in the UK and has the same effect as neon, but using acrylic instead of glass. This allows you to get the same look without the danger of damage to your sign. It also allows you to choose the style of edging, making it more custom. NeonPlus also provides a flexible installation process. It comes with suitable wiring kits and fixings for a seamless fit.

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