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12 Freelance Services You Can Offer At Home

by AndrewSmith

Freelancing is the new norm of the 21st century. Now, people offer their expertise and services from home! It is now possible to work for an employer based in the UK, even though you are living somewhere in Asia! You only need your area of interest, a stable internet connection, and a laptop or computer to get a job!

Whether you offer 3D or whiteboard animation services or custom logo designs, do it using the right tools and at home. Moreover, freelancing is highly flexible, where employees have full rights over their working hours. So, if you know one of the following areas, start freelancing immediately! 

1: Copywriting

Copywriters are in great demand these days. Your job as a copywriter is to create advertising or sales content that attracts customers. You will also be required to write engaging emails, brochures, and graphic poster content that captures everybody’s attention. It will be your words that will compel a person to buy a certain product. Moreover, you have the liberty of choosing your pay rate.

2: Graphic Design

Graphic designers have found the best exposure in the freelancing world. From logo designing to website layout, a graphic designer delivers it all! The job description is so vast that they can earn from any niche. Moreover, they are their boss. With a well-designed portfolio and exemplary work, clients will approach a designer independently instead of the other way around! So, earn some online graphic coursework and set up your shop.

3: Consulting

Another major category in the freelancing world. Whatever your degree, offer consultation services to those who seek! These are also known as coaching services, where you guide people to make a certain decision relevant to their educational background. Moreover, you can earn per hour instead of monthly income.

4: Web Development

Web developers may be the most sought-after individuals, next to copywriters. A web developer builds an online website and has to be in collaboration with a graphic designer to create an amazing website. Therefore, if you know computer languages, start earning considerably in this field!

5: Social Media Marketing

Another perspective service to offer is social media marketing. It is also known as digital marketing. A freelancer will be asked to launch an effective campaign on various social media platforms and showcase a product. Moreover, you will be expected to design the campaign layout and identify the target market, all under a given budget. 

6: Virtual Assistant

Another prospective service is to become a virtual assistant. Companies can make you their virtual assistant for telemarketing, social media management, assisting other clients, or customer relations operators. It is a vast field; you only need a good internet connection and efficient communication skills to assist companies with their work.

7: Transcription

The job description for transcription is typing out the content of an audio or video subject. Further, it can include translating a language to a transcriptor’s native one by listening to audio. Therefore, you must be skilled in fast typing and have attentive listening abilities to become a transcriptor.

8: Tutoring

Of course, education must also shift its services. Now, you can shift your tutoring services online, where you can teach many students on the same platform. There are various online free tutoring websites and applications available where you can create your page. From teaching history and geography to offering language classes, do it all effortlessly and online.

9: Animation Services

Yes, you heard it right! Open an online animation studio where you attract customers via a virtual doorway. Further, you can offer whiteboard animation services or animated marketing videos to your clients. We have misconceptions regarding animation services. One of them is animation, a brick-and-mortar business. Therefore, it is time you set up an animation studio that works online!

10: Review Writing

Often, companies would want someone to write a review on their product. Mostly, they approach a freelancer who can do that efficiently. Further, you can charge per review from your clients, giving you flexibility. Most content writers also offer the services of review writing. Therefore, it is a sure way to earn money in a short time!

11: Data Entry

Bookkeeping can also be a viable option for freelancing. Due to small budgets, many startups and small businesses employ freelancers to do their record-keeping. If you are an accountant looking to earn money, offer your services online! All you need is the knowledge of an online database and an accounting degree, and you are good to go.

12: Photography

Try photography if you have a good, high-end DSLR camera! Set up an online shop where you can sell your digital prints at your rates. In addition, you can make a photo book based on a theme to sell to your customers. Bring some variety by creating calendars or wedding photography. Therefore, create an artistic portfolio to attract clients and couples!


The freelancing community will grow exponentially within the next few years. With the advent of technology, our medium of work has also changed. Plus, it is a good alternative for small businesses to manage their expenses! Now, you can have comfort in mind before anything else! 

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