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Get Super Shine From Super Shine Auto Detailing

by AndrewSmith
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Everyone wants a clean and shiny car but everyone doesn’t know how to keep the car clean and shiny. So for this purpose, we rent services of service stations but many local service stations are not well equipped and well-staffed so it becomes very difficult for customers to maintain their cars. But now super shine auto detailing solves this problem they are offering Denting painting, General Services, Auto mechanical, Ceramic Coating and Paint protection film services in Pakistan. We see many car wash centers in Lahore but if you guys want to get treatment of your cars from the expert staff and with the good quality product you should go for super shine auto detailing they are providing the best car detailing in Lahore.

Problems Faced by Cars Owner

The car gets dirty very easily as they have to run on roads and we know that road is a dirty place so; keeping cars clean is the very common problem we faced daily. Even after cleaning the car regularly still exterior of the car looks bad as the color of the car gets faded or dulled due to the burning heat of the sun and the dirt puts swirl marks on the car’s body. If we see our back there was no solution for this problem but now Super Shine auto detailing is offering Ceramic Coating services. But hang on before making up your mind to purchase this service let me tell you the benefits and myths about Ceramic Coating.

Even with a Ceramic Coated car, you will still need to wash your car regularly to maintain its condition. The advantage will be Ceramic Coating will make the cleaning process easier. Moreover, having Ceramic Coating on the car’s exterior means that you don’t have to compound or wax your car every few months, which eliminates a significant part of maintaining your car’s exterior. So the conclusion is that having Ceramic Coating on the car’s exterior does not make your vehicle maintenance-free, but it does mean that with less effort you will be able to maintain better results.

Reduced the Danger of Scratches

We have seen normally it was exaggerated by some detailers that ceramic coating will protect your car from any sort of scratches and a ceramic coating on the exterior of the car means no scratches and swirl marks. But being super shine auto detailing it is our core value to tell our customers the reality so the reality is it does protect your car from scratches but not from any sort of scratches it can protect the exterior of your car from minor scratches but still deep scratches can affect your car. We have many qualities in Ceramic coating like 9H Coating imported from Hong Kong Dura tech from Germany and many other quality coatings which will protect your car for sure. The ceramic coating gives an extra layer of protection to your car which will give a how hard times to scratches but yes it is vulnerable.

Increased Gloss

The most attractive feature of ceramic coating is its shine. Yes, you heard it right the exterior of the car will look more shiny and attractive if it has a Ceramic coating on it. At super shine auto detailing we are leading ceramic coating and car wash services at home in Lahore and all other big cities of Pakistan. If you would like to schedule an appointment, click on the following Links.

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Easy to Clean

As we mentioned earlier that having \ceramic coating doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wash it regularly but yes Ceramic coating makes it easy it will reduce the effort and work both. After cleaning a normal car you have to apply wax on its body to dealing dulled and faded look but if you have a ceramic coating your time and money are saved. Secondly, as the ceramic coating has a hydrophobic effect and dirt doesn’t stick to your car’s paint so removing the dust or water is almost effortless.

Protection From UV Rays / Oxidation

Another exciting feature of ceramic coating is that it protects the car paint from the UV rays as many of our Pakistani customers don’t have garages in their homes so their car is often exposed to the sun and its paint will start to oxidize which leads to dulled and faded paint. A layer of Ceramic Coating protects the vehicle’s paint from the ultraviolet rays and reduces the amount of oxidization.

Paint Protection Film

The paint protection film is the new technology in auto mechanics it’s used to protect the exterior of the car from deep scratches and almost every outer effect. It has different qualities and features like it is made for resolving scratches problem. It has two Major paper qualities like TPH and TPU these are sheets of polythene paper that starts from 130 microns and goes on to 230-micron sheet these are well enough to protect the car from stones and parking scratches. A good quality sheet has the auto-heal ability so if the sheet got scratched it still can be recovered.

And at super shine auto detailing we have imported quality paper and will provide you a written warranty of our work so don’t wait and book your slot now call us at +923091188899. 

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