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Goodbye, Origin: Electronic Arts says goodbye to its launcher to bet on EA App

by AndrewSmith

It’s time to say goodbye to Origin. The one that for ten years has been the default launcher for Electronic Arts video games (which are now also on Steam, everything is said) is leaving. As EA has announced in a statement, shortly, Origin will make room for the company’s new platform, EA App.

Origin has been a highly criticized platform and has had withatures during this time. This has been recognized by the company, which claims to have listened to user comments and “recognized the limitations of this platform in an entertainment landscape that is constantly evolving.”

Bye, Origin

The EA app, also known as EA Play, had been in open beta for a while and was serving as a replacement for Origin. This application has passed this phase and ” will soon replace Origin as our main platform for PC, “they say from EA. According to the company, the new client is faster and lighter. At the interface level, it is also simpler and supports automatic game downloads and updates in the background.

Likewise, the EA app will allow the EA account to be linked to Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, thus enabling the game and cross-progress between the games that include it, such as ‘ Battlefield 2042 ‘ or ‘ Apex Legends, ‘to name just a few. In the same way, this will allow the user to know who is online and what they are playing.

As for the transition, EA will send out invitations to make the switch soon. “all your games and content, including previously installed games, will be ready” to play by migrating. Local and cloud save will still be available, as will the friend list.

As an essential aspect to remember, the EA app will be available only and exclusively for Windows, at least for now. Those Mac users will still have to use Origin. From EA they claim to have “no changes to announce” and assure that they will share more information in the coming months “as this matter evolves.”

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