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How Can Teachers Help Students Who Struggle with Emotions?

by AndrewSmith
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As adults, we identify different emotions and can have a healthy relationship with them. We regularly regulate our emotions to bond deeply with ourselves and others. But children can not identify these emotions, and the adult must lead the way.

Teachers are crucial to the emotional health of their pupils and are frequently the first people they turn to when they have mental health problems. Due to inadequate training and resources, many educators feel unequipped to handle these mental health issues. When teachers recognise pupils who are already at risk, it’s not always clear how best to intervene. Emotional dysregulation in a child’s life can lead to difficulty in concentration, personal conflicts, and friendship issues and, if left unresolved, can affect profoundly.

In an ideal world, educators, whose primary responsibility is to educate children, would not be responsible for recognising and helping pupils with various social and emotional needs, especially mental health issues. However, as academic performance frequently suffers when students are having difficulties, teachers often first become aware of their student’s mental health problems. This is why educators seek psychology assignment help to provide the best for their students.

●    Be patient

When a child is experiencing conflict, it may be apparent in their behaviour or academic performance. They have been experiencing it repeatedly, so their behaviours are deep-seated. In addition to their environment, these children have self-reinforced their negative actions because no one has taught them how to manage their emotions.

Therefore, it’s crucial to educate emotions in a patient manner while still getting to the heart of the matter. Reorientation will take some time, but the good thing is that brain damage is treatable. According to psychologist Lori Jackson, new brain connections can form with enough time and effort.

●    Enhance emotional literacy

The primary goal is to help children develop the ability to identify emotions as they occur. The KidConnect Classroom software fills this need. Kids can create quick links between events, feelings, and behaviour since it is utilised in the present. Although learning to control their emotions is the process, the result is a shift in conduct.

Additionally, KidConnect Classroom provides an area called Observations where teachers can take notes on both conduct and the emotions that may have led to it. Using a reporting section, you can send information to parents and administrators and examine behaviour and patterns.

Here are other ways to enhance emotional literacy in children:

  • Different emotions, both good and bad, should be labelled and modelled. Make learning those feelings a priority, and show kids how to express themselves appropriately.
  • Children should learn to identify their own emotions and those of others. Ask them to express what they would feel in a given situation after presenting a scenario.
  • Encourage children to express their feelings by validating their feelings. Give them your complete attention to reassure them.
  • Give kids some coping mechanisms for handling their anger or frustration, like squeezing a stress ball, doing exercise, writing it down, or taking a walk.

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●    Connect them with emotions through language

Give your kids easy access to these words and emotions to help them expand their emotional vocabulary. The Cherry Creek School District in Denver, Colorado, employs Lauren Ross, LCSW, a school social worker, who proposes making a word wall with the words “feelings” or hanging a poster with “feelings” faces in the classroom.

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●    Create a warm, comfortable space

As educators, you can foster an emotionally safe environment in the classroom where all emotions are valid, and self-care is valued and normalised. According to Ross, a “calm-down area” in the class is a fantastic method to achieve this.

●    Share your feelings

It’s okay to express your feelings as they arise during the day. Since you aren’t superhuman, it makes sense to experience anxiety, stress, overwhelm, gloom, excitement, nervousness, etc.

To ensure your students fully grasp the relationship between emotions and actions, share your sentiments with them. Teachers are the best role models for emotional control, according to Jackson.

Ask yourself what your emotion was in the moment and what you did to control it when these circumstances arise. Then tell your children about that.

●    Compliment the positives

Congratulate the good. Many times, students misinterpret events because they feel invisible. Even well children do not always recognise how they’re doing, so whenever you can, make sure to point out the good, both the minor deeds and the larger ones.

●    Reframing behaviours

Educators can reframe problem behaviour: Teachers might see troublesome actions as students communicating needs rather than viewing them as conscious, intentional choices. The demand for mental health services due to a stressful home environment, difficulties with peer interactions, or problems establishing a trusting relationship with the teacher and the school environment may all be discovered by teachers. Give kids a range of expressive tools to investigate and share their internal and external experiences to acquire insight into what needs might cause the behaviour. By doing this, you may connect and understand kids better without investing a lot of time or filling the role of a mental health expert.

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