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How does invest in a Car Breakdown Cover worth it?

by AndrewSmith
How does invest in a Car Breakdown Cover worth it

What are Car Breakdown Services?

Owning and driving a car owes you the uncertainty of car breakdown and requires roadside assistance. Nobody wants to get stuck and feel helpless in the middle of the road. Although traffic police are here to assist you at this hour, sometimes they can’t get to you on time or may lack appropriate assistance at insistence.

No one can avoid these incidents by limiting himself from driving outside. That is why many companies offer car breakdown and recovery services with customized plans and pricing. These companies ensure the best car breakdown assistance according to the specific car breakdown cover availed by the client. Vehicle breakdown services include:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Recovery Assistance
  • Towing services
  • Accident Management Services
  • Car lockout services
  • Wheel change services
  • Fueling and battery services
  • Flat tire and battery services

How does car breakdown recovery work?

It is just a few minutes away if you have purchased a recovery plan or breakdown cover from any authentic company. Otherwise, you need to search for any company facilitating emergency services for car breakdowns near you and contact them.

You can avail of breakdown services covered by specialist providers, banks, or insurance companies.

Car insurance may be inclusive of breakdown cover while buying a new car. If you have a breakdown cover, and breakdown, you can call your breakdown cover provider, and it will send you an engineer for instant help.

Car breakdown recovery and roadside assistance go hand in hand. Firstly, the breakdown experts will fix the vehicle at your place, or they will tow your vehicle to a garage for services. Customers can avail of this service abruptly or can avail of a complete car breakdown cover plan.

Are car breakdown cover and insurance the same?

Although car breakdown cover is not a legal requirement like insurance, both have common nature. Well, car insurance covers the cost in case of an accident. Although breakdown cover is separate from the conventional insurance policy, sometimes it comes as an add-on service. For example, car breakdown cover is of two types:

Personal breakdown cover

It is a cover that will apply to any car or vehicle a person drives anywhere.

Vehicle breakdown cover

This type of cover is valid for a specific vehicle only. car breakdown cover involves 24/7 roadside assistance as CarRecovery in Abu Dhabi provides 24 hours emergency services and roadside assistance for any broken down vehicle. It covers the cost of mechanic service charges, punctures, flat batteries, other mechanical faults, and towing service charges.

Whereas a breakdown cover doesn’t insure the cost of any part, like a new tire or car fixing charges at the garage. It only includes the repair cost for breakdown by the mechanic on the spot.

Car breakdown services in Abu Dubai

Many private companies facilitate the people in Abu Dhabi for car breakdown and road assistance services with or without a car breakdown cover plan. It costs differently per service offered to the customer so that you can avail cover policy per your available budget.

On average, the premium cost of a car breakdown recovery service is 2.35% of the vehicle value. But other factors also influence, such as driver age, insurance claim history, level of protection you want, and sort of car you own.

Car Recovery facilitates its customer with top-quality vehicle breakdown services at nominal prices.

Why should we invest in car breakdown cover?

Although breakdown cover is not a legal requirement, A car breakdown cover is very effective, especially if: you own an old car, travel on long routes in a daily routine, or drive in remote areas frequently.

  • Car breakdown cover encompasses roadside assistance, at-home, and onward travel costs. That means it makes you worry-free from any risk and lets your vehicle be a blessing. It seems counterintuitive, but investing in a car breakdown cover can save you money in the long run. Moreover, it also covers road assistance and towing services to the garage; you don’t need to call and pay a mechanic separately. Otherwise, these emergency services can be expensive without a cover plan.
  • Buying a cover for emergency services for a car breakdown can give you peace of mind. In case of personal breakdown cover, you can also avail of the recovery services if you are traveling as a passenger.
  • As vehicle breakdown cover tolerates a car for 24 hours breakdown services, it doesn’t matter whosoever is driving it.
  • If your vehicle is not maintained immediately, breakdown cover arranges a car for you to complete your journey.
  • Frequent traveling to remote areas emphasizes the need for a cover plan for vehicle breakdown service. As you become in the middle of nowhere and far beyond mechanical assistance, a cover plan undoubtedly changes the tense situation.


Buying a car breakdown cover plan is wise to avoid unforeseen circumstances. In Abu Dhabi, Car Recovery is the best-licensed company to avail of this assistance for your car in the shortest time. It is a reliable recovery company for these 24 hours emergency services for vehicle breakdowns.



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