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How Mi captured a large number of TV consumers in India?

Mi captured a large number of TV consumers

by AndrewSmith

Xiaomi has been the best Smart TV brand for the past thirteen quarters. According to a report released by the company, it shipped more than 14 million Mi TVs throughout the world in 2020. Like the other countries of the world, Xiaomi has also become a leading brand in India. The first Xiaomi TV was released in India in 2018 and in the next six months, it has sold more than 5,00,000 TV models. In the current scenario, it is the leading Smart TV brand in India, having a market share of more than 33%. 

Though Mi TVs are enjoying such tremendous success in the Indian markets, the company is still thinking of launching more innovative and new products. The 32-inch LED model by Xiaomi is the most sold Smart TV in India. It also changed the scenario of the market. However, Xiaomi is now focusing on more premium models and is trying to introduce more 4K QLED TVs. The latest model released by Xiaomi in India is a 75-inch 4K QLED Smart TV. It is priced at INR 1,19,999. 

So, what is the reason behind so many Mi TV consumers in India? The company focuses on customer-oriented products rather than including all the features in one box. They try to understand the market of a particular country and make products suitable to that market. Therefore, the products by Xiaomi differ from one country to another, depending on the requirements of the people. Apart from this, they have been successful in delivering high-quality products at the most affordable prices. 


Let us look at some of the important reasons that made Xiaomi the number 1 Smart TV brand in India.


Changing the Smart TV market in India

During 2017-18, Reliance Jio brought a huge change by introducing unlimited internet data in India. The other companies also followed the same trend. Now, with unlimited data, people started watching online content more. Various OTT platforms were launched and they became popular instantly. So, the whole scenario of consuming content in India changed suddenly. At the time, Hotstar started to live stream IPL. However, at that time, Smart TVs were not seen in most households, and people considered them luxury because of their high price. So, people enjoyed online content on the small screens of their smartphones.

Grabbing this opportunity, Xiaomi introduced their first Smart Mi TV in India. Priced at just INR 39,999, the 55-inch 4K HDR Smart TV by Xiaomi became an instant hit among consumers. After their initial success, they realized that quality Smart TVs with small screens are not produced in India. Moreover, the ones that are produced come at a very high price. Therefore, targeting different segments of Indian consumers, they launched their bestselling 32-inch LED Mi TV at the most affordable price range. 

Till now, Xiaomi was just an online-only company. To cement their position further, they started setting up offline stores. Now, there are more than 5,000 Mi stores throughout the country. They also partnered with different local brands also.

Strict Quality Standards

Unlike smartphones, you have to invest a hefty sum of money on your Smart TVs. Therefore, people always go for those brands that they can trust. Understanding this, Xiaomi started to set up service centers throughout the country. There are several service centers of Xiaomi throughout the country and you can get any assistance within 24 hours of calling them. Moreover, 95% of the installations also take place within 24 hours of delivering your Mi TV.

Apart from customer satisfaction, Xiaomi also focuses on the quality standards of its products. It sends its product to a special team of employees for beta testing. This testing is done to find any problems or bugs. These bugs are solved before the product is launched in the market. Moreover, Xiaomi takes advice from its fans before releasing a product. They also make changes based on their feedback. 

Aim to introduce more innovative products

Even though Mi TVs have got such a massive response from Indian consumers, Xiaomi is now focusing on introducing more feature-loaded TVs. They are now trying to manufacture new categories of products that will have all the latest technologies and be priced at a reasonable range. Though the company has announced nothing yet, it can be assumed that they are planning to launch premium QLED TVs in India. 

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