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How to link Aadhaar with IRCTC Account?

by AndrewSmith
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IRCTC Aadhar link account has become mandatory for booking e-tickets online. This process can be done only after you have register for the Aadhaar Card, which should be done before the announced dates per the government norms.

Your Aadhaar number can be linked with IRCTC Aadhar Link if you haven’t already done so. You can also use other modes of payment like a debit card and credit card to book a ticket; however, if you haven’t yet, link IRCTC and Aadhar.

Process to IRCTC Aadhar link account online

To link your Aadhaar card to your IRCTC account, you can do so online in a matter of minutes. Online, the procedure to link aadhar to IRCTC accounts may be finish quickly. 

The method to connect an Aadhaar to an IRCTC account is as follows:

1: Visit the IRCTC website

2: The “login” tab can be found on the home page.

3: You may log in to book e-tickets by opening a login window and entering your user ID and password. If this is your first time using the site, you can click the “register” tab to be sent to the “individual registration” box.

4: To register, complete the necessary fields (desired user ID, contact information, and home address). Personal information includes names, gender, dates of birth, occupations, marital statuses, nations, emails, phone numbers, and nationalities.

5: After completing the signup procedure, use your login credentials to log in (user id and password).

6: Once you have logged in, go to the “My Account” button in the upper right corner of your account home page and select the “Link Your Aadhaar” option.

7: Click the “Send OTP” button after entering your name and aadhar number, verifying your provided information.

8: You will get an OTP (one-time password) on your Aadhaar-registered cellphone number.

9: Click the “Verify OTP” button after entering the OTP.

10: On the page, your aadhar KYC information will be shown. Verify the information, then click the “updates” button.

11: A confirmation screen will appear when you complete the updating of your aadhar with your IRCTC account, validating your aadhar verification in your IRCTC account.

By selecting the “add/modify master list” option under the “my profile” page of “my account,” you may find out the current state of aadhar verification or the IRCTC Aadhar link. For passengers on the passenger list, the “Verification Status” will be shown as “verified” for those whose aadhar verification has already been complete. Below the passenger list, a statement stating that the user can purchase up to 12 tickets per month and that their IRCTC user ID has been confirm with their Aadhar will be seen.

Requirements for connecting aadhar to IRCTC

The verification and IRCTC Aadhar link connection process may be complete quickly and easily with the correct information. The following are the crucial files and details you need to have on hand to link your Aadhaar to IRCTC effectively.

1: Account for IRCTC (with user ID and password)

2: Aadhaar number or card

3: Mobile number registered with Aadhaar to obtain OTP (One Time Password)

Key locations where the mAadhar app can be utilise

Aadhar cards in wallets are only one part of mAadhar. Those with the mAadhaar app may conveniently utilise it whenever and wherever they are in India. At the same time, the mAadhar profile is recognise as a legitimate form of identification at airports and train stations. Aadhaar authentication is require for service providers to offer Aadhaar services, so residents can use the app’s features to share their eKYC and QR codes with them.

However, mAadhar does not allow you to amend personal information like your name, birthdate, and mobile number.

On the mAadhaar App, who can establish a profile?

An individual can build an Aadhaar profile via the mAadhar App if their Aadhaar card is connect to their registered mobile number. Anyone with a smartphone can register their profiles through an app. However, only their registered cellphone would receive the OTP.

The following actions must be taken to register an Aadhaar profile on mAadhar:

1: Start the mAadhar App.

2: On the main dashboard, click the Register Aadhar option.

3: Using your password will allow you to access your profile.

4:Give a valid Aadhaar and fill out a valid captcha before providing a valid OTP. 

5: And the register tab will now show the Aadhaar Name that has been register. You can access My Aadhaar via the bottom menu.

6: Once a 4-digit password or pin is enter, the My Aadhaar Dashboard will appear.


The process is simple and easy for the IRCTC Aadhar link and booking tickets online. mAadhaar App is a good application for users who have lost their mobile phones and need to access their Aadhar profile. The application also allows users to create backups of their Aadhaar data and restore the information on any other device they own.

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