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How to save Money with Efficient Employee Tracking?

by AndrewSmith

Every business owner wants to earn more profit with every passing day. This can be achieved by reducing operating costs and enhancing business policies and workflow.

One of the best ways to achieve that is by tracking your employees’ work time. Having a time-tracking software can be very effective for your business as you’ll get notified of the performance of each individual associated with the company.

Efficient employee tracking can play a significant role in the growth of your business. However, most newcomers and small repair shop owners are unaware. And as a result, the US economy loses $7.4 Billion every day, according to Affinity Live.

This post will discuss how you can save money using the employee management system for your repair stores. In addition, we will provide you with some tips on how to track your employees efficiently.

Enhanced Productivity

A time-tracking employee management system helps you measure the time your staff spends on a specific task. You’ll get a progress report giving you a precise idea of the resources invested in doing that job.

As a business owner, you can make changes required to enhance the productivity of your business. Mainly, the system is very effective in organizations and repair stores where employees are paid per hour.

  • Reduction in Time Theft

Time theft is a major issue in every organization, as several employees try to manipulate time and quote their working hours wrong. Consequently, they become a cause of breaking the profit.

According to the American Payroll Association, most businesses suffer from time theft when the employees get paid hourly. Also, some get away by exaggerating their work hours.

If you own a business, including a cell phone store, and want your employees to not theft time, you can use Repair Store System. This way, you’ll know which of your employees are worth having and which aren’t.

No more Manual Errors

Using manual methods, you cannot survive in an IT, retail, or repair business. Marking attendance and making profit reports on registers are ineffective, causing your more time and lesser profits. Above all, manual processes are always risky as they possess a considerable chance of human error.

So, how can you rely on these methods when tracking your employees’ performance? Indeed, you should not be.

Instead, you can use an automated system or software to track the performance and productivity of your employees. Moreover, you can set notifications and reminders if workers leave early or arrive late.

After logging in, the software will track the time spent on a specific task. This way, when you arrive at your office, or workplace, you will know how long the employee has been working on that task and can ask them about the progress.

Project Budgeting

An efficient Employee Management System for your Repair Stores helps you estimate a budget for a specific task. Moreover, it plays a vital role in growing your business as it effectively gives you an estimated time and profit you’ll get by doing a job.

An employee tracking system tracks employees’ time on unproductive and productive tasks to enhance productivity, efficiency, and work habits. Through this, you can avoid missing deadlines.

Successful Integration

An employee tracking system offers seamless integration to your payroll. It helps avoid the audit and finance departments’ overload. In addition, Payroll integration can make processing flexible and error-free.

How much can you Save with Employee Tracking?

A company’s net profit depends on employees’ effectiveness and skill set and how much time they spend on completing a task. However, individuals can’t precisely estimate the time required to complete the jobs assigned to them, which is one of the reasons for lesser profits.

Contrary to that, tracking your employee’s efficiency and productivity help you save up to two times your current profit. Let’s say you make a $100,000 profit every month. With the help of the Employee Management System for your Repair Stores, you will surely make more than that.

Following are some of the benefits of using software for tracking your employees

  • Easy Evaluation: Connecting employees to a tracking software makes it easy for the managers and auditors to evaluate them. Their mistakes and late arrivals are noted in real time, increasing your net profit.
  • Remote Working Facilities: Since the arrival of the Covid-19 Pandemic, most organizations have allowed their employees to work remotely. Using an employee tracking system, employers get to know when their employees are working. How many hours have they served? Other features of such a system will let them know whether an employee is accessible or not, thus; not compromising the overall productivity.

Final Words

The right, feature-oriented employee tracking software can help you save up to 7% of payroll costs. The Repair Desk POS is the software you can use to enhance your business growth by efficiently tracking your employees’ performance.

It’s a user-friendly software you can use to get the best results in your cell phone repair store.

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