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How to solve the Problem of Writing an essay As a student 

by AndrewSmith

First of all, let us consider essay writing- is it a problem at all? Well, if you ask us, it is not. Essays are one of the most fun and beautiful forms of writing. However, we know the taste can be purely subjective. We do understand why students might consider essay writing a problem. Such problems also lead students to get online help with essay writing.   

Let us see why essay writing is a problem for students.   

1. They are LENGTHY

The length of an essay is the first problem that springs up. We agree essays are freakishly long sometimes. Although, the trademark length of essays has a purpose. Essays are usually lengthy because essays present a point. When you present a topic, it is your job to convey it in a justified manner. Doing the task in question can take long, hence the length.   

This also creates a problem with how to write the information you have. Even the most talented writers struggle with putting their thoughts into the right sentences. Hence, students find the length of an essay repulsive.  

2. They are time taking.  

Continuing from the point above, it is the inherent nature of an essay to take a bit of the writer’s time. There is a saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” This means it is impossible to achieve great things in a short time. However, this is hardly a justified excuse in student life.   

A student’s life is full of urgencies, ridiculous deadlines, and different priorities. Sometimes, students do not have enough time to dedicate to an essay. In such cases, the time taking nature of the essay is a stressor for students.    

3. You need to research… A LOT  

As we have established before, the basic function of an essay is to present an idea or a case. If one wants to achieve that effectively, research is required. Good research is what differentiates a mediocre essay from a good essay. You require research to make your essay good, and your research needs to be very commendable.   

Nevertheless, it is an irritating task. Good research takes time, and if there is one thing that students like yourself lack, it is ample time.   

Hence, the risk of jeopardizing the quality of the essay is ever-present.      

They have a structure that nobody understands.  

Students are confused about two fundamental aspects of an essay- tone, and structure. While we get to tone in the following section, let us tackle the structure.  

So, what is the structure of an essay? The answer to this question will be as many as there are minds that answer it.  

The structure of an essay can and often does change with the type of essay and the writer of the essay. While there are some common markers of a well-structured essay, subjectivity is an excellent part of an essay’s judgment. Therefore, a perfectly structured essay is hard to write, and hence- it becomes a problem.             

What’s with the tone?  

Similarly, an essay’s ”perfect’ tone is also a topic of contention. There can be as many tones of an essay as there are writers or types of essays, and all of them will be completely valid.   

The tone of an essay can differ from the markers mentioned earlier. Therefore, different essays can have different tones and, consequently, different styles. The different styles work for different audiences; hence, no one can single out a perfect tone of an essay.  

Therefore, figuring out the perfect tone of the essay is a task in itself.    

These are some reasons that compel students to take online help with essay writing. But. Obtaining essay writing help is another tricky aspect. You have to find the right website to provide you with desired help at the expected time.    

Before we move on to websites that offer live homework help with essay writing, let us look at the precise reasons that push students to take such a service.   

  • Firstly, as the reasons mentioned suggest, it is a time taking process, and students lack time.   
  • Secondly, a lack of writing experience can derail their piece’s quality.  
  • Thirdly, students can have other critical priorities.   

Some websites provide online help with essay writing and can help with the reasons mentioned earlier. Some of the best websites that provide online services with essay writing are:  

  • TutorBin  
  • StudyPool  
  • Essayhelp Pro  
  • College paper. Org  

You can contact these websites if you need essay writing help at any moment. Most of these websites provide around-the-clock services, so you can get them at any hour of the day.   

So, good luck with your essays.

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