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Ice Cream Business Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Ice Cream Market Size, Growth, Industry Analysis, Outlook, Trends, and Forecast Report 2022-2027

by AndrewSmith
Ice cream (softy) business solution

Haven’t we all been screaming for an ‘Ice-cream’?

Oh well, the statistics of ice cream lovers in a family on average is 100%. Ice cream is a dessert choice for all seasons and a complementary element of many famous dishes. One can never develop a feeling of boredom from such an exciting dessert choice. Ice cream or ‘Softy’ ice cream is one of the favorites that subsides all other types of Ice creams in India. The swirly texture and smooth taste melt into the mouth making our lives a lot easier. Softy Ice cream is often paired up with different fresh fruits and nuts, chocolates, and Hazelnut to empower the flavors. How can a Business with so much earning potential even be put to doubt? I mean, the Ice Cream softy business is the business to tap for better profits now and in the future. 


Why start an Ice-cream Softy Business?

A recent report [1] by FICCI estimates that the market for frozen desserts and ice cream is expected to touch a whopping 1 billion USD by 2022. “
With the increasing appetite for Ice cream, the demand trend is observed for roughly around 20-30%” Ice cream softy business is not just limited to one monotonous flavor, with the range in flavors and composition the customers tend to be more drawn to it. Ice Cream Softy Making business is yielding high amount to Businessmen. 


What is the process of Ice Cream Making?

The process of Ice Cream Softy making discussion is a generic one, to know the process and all other questions related to the setup of Ice Cream making business please visit: https://www.iid.org.in/
Let’s first understand the raw materials for Ice cream Softy making: 10% milk fat, and at least 20% total milk solids, and may contain safe and suitable sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilizers, and flavoring materials.


The first step is to take the milk fat, milk solids, sweeteners, emulsifiers, and stabilizers in the proportion required and blend it well. Form a smooth mixture, and make sure all ingredients are thoroughly blended.


In the second step we monitor the pasteurization and add fats or custard products, as per the final product type.


Next step is Homogenization, which ensures that the emulsifiers and stabilizers are well blended. Ice cream is homogenized in this process.


Aging the flavors is next in line, when you add flavors, it needs time to settle in properly. Age the flavors for around 4-5 hours.


Next is adding food colors. Add the desired food colors, and mix them well.


Last is freezing the final mixture as per the final product and different flavors.

How to start an Ice cream Softy Business?

  • Start with a thorough market search, what type and flavor to consider, and what should be the scale of production. 
  • Next in line is a Business plan, covering the complete layout and operational setup.
  • Location and area are other important aspects. The area should be enough to run all the operations smoothly, mainly a hygienic environment is taken into consideration for the food industry. 
  • Draft of Sources for Raw Material and suppliers list 
  • List of Equipment and machinery. 
  • Forecasting Investment and Profitability.

The above steps are given to roughly paint a picture of all the necessary steps for starting an Ice Cream Softy business.
You can get the complete Project report of Ice Cream Softy Business.

Understanding the Market Size?

market size of ice creame business in india

Indian ice cream market study

The Frozen Desserts and Ice Cream Industry in India

Led by India and Thailand, Asia-Pacific is forecasted to see an increase of CAGR of 4.1% by 2022, specifically due to an expanding middle-income socioeconomic class and a large youth population who enjoy and seek out novelties, especially Western-like.

Specifically, the Indian market is expected to register overall value growth of over 50 % from 2019 to 2022.
Forecasts expect Indian consumption to catch up with China and see nearly a seven-fold increase in the market. While the global ice cream market is forecasted to record a CAGR of 4.7% by 2020, the Indian ice cream sector is expected to grow up at a CAGR of 12.4% by 2022.

market plan of ice cream business in india


Start your Ice cream or Softy making business with a robust quality to make it stand out from all the competitors. The most profit-making segment in the dairy industry is Ice Cream, start the business within the right time to turn the opportunity into profit.
With the improved technologies and diversity in flavors give a kick start to the “ICE CREAM, SOFTY” making business.

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