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Insider Tips from Experts In OTF Automatic Knives

Tips from Experts In OTF Automatic Knives

by AndrewSmith
Tips from Experts in OTF Automatic Knives

By performing routine maintenance, one can keep the out-the-front knife ready for action. If you don’t have an OTF knife, you need to buy one. They are great knives to own, and you are guaranteed to feel at home with them. 

You also get two cool features with venom tactical knives, and this knife ejects straight out of the tip of the handle. Here the double action means that you can push the button to fire the blade and then push it again to retract it. 

If you own one, you must maintain it, like any other fine piece of equipment. You want to keep it sharp and clean. But before you do, make sure that you read the warranty first. And you don’t want to void the warranty by working on your double-action knife when you should have sent it to the manufacturer. 

Benefits Of Double Action Knives

A double-action knife is ideal for everyday use and features single-button deployment and retraction. This feature makes it suitable for outdoor excursions and do-it-yourself work. In these settings, you may frequently need a knife but only have one hand available. 

Tips from Experts in OTF Automatic Knives

OTF blades are highly-efficient, and if you are working or doing an activity where you need to fire and retract, then a double-action knife makes it easy.

Finally, double-action blades are fun, and it is pretty cool to fire and retract the edge with the push of a button. They are a great addition to any knife collection and if all is well and your warranty says it’s okay for you to service your OTF knife, here is how you do it.

Below are some tips showing how to maintain your double-action OTF knife.

1: Use The Right Knife Cleaning Tools

It would help if you had a few things to do the job right, and to begin with, you want to use a quality knife lubricant. For example, you should use gun oil, Rem Oil, etc. You also want to use a clean, soft rag to remove debris, and finally, you need a precision screwdriver to disassemble and resemble your OTF knife. 

2: Discharge The Blade Before You Begin

Remember to work safely when cleaning your double-action knife. Then it’s a good idea to discharge the blase before you start to maintain it. Fire it at a close range against something you don’t mind scuffing up, such as a piece of scrap wood. 

When the tip of the knife hits the object, it will discharge from the siding mechanism. If you do it right, you can move the handle out of the blade freely. Also, the edge won’t accidentally fire or retract. 

3: Clean Your Double Action Knife Open

It would help if you cleaned your OTF knife more than once yearly and washed it regularly for optimal performance. It would help if you cleaned your double-action knife immediately after you use it and then coat the blade and lubricant and wipe it off to prevent residual buildup and rust. 

4: Know The Signs Of Trouble

A few signs will show that your OTF automatic knives need maintenance if you haven’t serviced them regularly. For instance, it may misfire when you pull the trigger. Also, it may feel sluggish when you fire the blade, and the edge might discharge slowly. You also want to clean your double-action knife if you see any residue clogging the opening.

5: Touch In-between Servicing

Compressed air can blow away limit or loose debris in between cleanings. If you have somehow transferred adhesive or backing to the blade, you can remove it with 99% rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Also, spray lubricant onto the edge and let it run inside the handle. Both fire and retract the blade a few times to lubricate the internal parts and then blow it out with compressed air to remove extra oil. 

6: How To Store Knives

Keep your OTF knife covered and away from dust and moisture. By protecting your knife, you will reduce clogging and rusting. If you carry your OTF knife every day, use a carrying pouch. The pouch will protect it from residue and reduce the number of times you need to service it. 

7: Reassembling Your OTF Knife

It is always easier to disassemble something than it is to reassemble it. No worries, and here is what to do if you have trouble resembling your knife. It is relatively easy, and there aren’t many double-action knife components. 

Tips from Experts in OTF Automatic Knives

One can hold the front hinge and slide the blade halfway down to the bottom of the casing. And then, reattach the spring and hook it onto the flat side of the metal plate. 

You can slide the short lip into the groove, snap it, insert the thumbpiece, and put the top plate back on. Hand tightens the screws and then test fire the blase to check the action if it works fine, then tightens everything up, and you are ready to go. 

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