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Is Lab grown diamond going to be the future of the diamond industry?

by AndrewSmith
With the entire world marketing their businesses on environment friendly models, lab grown diamonds uk come as a boon to the jewellery market. Ever since its introduction, the popularity of lab grown diamonds is growing steadily. As has been certified by various organisations, these kinds of diamonds are very much real gemstones since they have the same properties as those of organic, earth-grown diamonds. They are composed of real carbon. It is almost impossible to actually distinguish between mined diamonds and lab grown ones. Any layman or average person who wears gemstones on a regular basis will never be able to tell a difference between the two with regard to appearance. The only difference lies in price since lab grown diamonds tend to be cheaper. Here are some of the reasons why lab grown diamonds are deemed to be the future of the diamond industry:


Mining real diamonds from the earth’s crust is a difficult job which requires enormous amounts of drilling and digging. Thereby, causing damage to the earth as it may involve deforestation. Lab grown diamonds UK are grown without any impact on the location and thereby, they are extremely environment friendly.

Ethical Production:

Mining of organic diamonds has resulted in numerous controversial practices all around the world. Ranging from forced labour to exploitation of resources, the diamond industry has been quite notorious in terms of its unethical practices. Lab grown diamonds ensure that no such methods are used for the procurement of diamonds or any other gemstones which makes it an obvious choice among consumers who are sensitive about such issues. Creation methods of lab grown diamonds are scientific in nature and hence, a much more responsible technique without any harsh conditions.


The production cost of lab grown diamonds is 40% less than the organic ones. As a result, people with moderate income can also afford to own a diamond necklace without having to spend huge sums of money. Lower costs and ethical production techniques makes buying lab grown diamonds a smart choice. As a result, you can always opt for a bigger gemstone at the same amount of money that you spend on an organic diamond.


Majority of the manufacturers of lab grown diamonds offer customizable pieces of jewellery. You can therefore, choose any colour, shape or size of the diamond as per your needs including wedding rings hatton garden. Lab grown diamonds are much more diverse in comparison to real diamonds. So, you can customize your jewellery accordingly. Especially with regard to lab grown diamond engagement rings, you can approach the jewellery designer and create a ring which symbolises your relationship with your partner and make it unique.

Less time-taking:

An organic diamond takes thousands of years to form inside the earth’s crust. Comparatively, creation of lab grown diamonds takes much lesser time, like a few months at the most. Hence, they become much more cost-effective and can result in more production in a small amount of time. Therefore, the innovation of lab grown diamonds has changed the course of the diamond industry into a positive one and hopefully, majority of people will embrace this method in the years to come.

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