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Is OnPassive Business a Home Business Opportunity?

by AndrewSmith

OnPassive is an internet marketing company powered by artificial intelligence. It uses a 3-X-10 matrix to distribute membership fees. This is not a pyramid scheme, and it requires no retail items to sell. The company also doesn’t require you to use outside marketing tools.

OnPassive uses a 3-X-10 matrix to distribute membership fees

While ONPASSIVE has no pyramid structure or Ponzi scheme, it uses a 3-X-10 matrix to distribute its membership fees. Members who are active and use the automation tools will earn commissions. This way, it allows the founders to earn commissions without spending a penny on marketing or advertising. The system is widely accepted and is already being used in more than 100 countries.

OnPassive Business was started one year ago, but claims to be a global organization. They claim to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide smart business solutions. The company has offices in Orlando, USA, and Bangalore, India. They also develop software tools and plans to launch 50-60 digital products in the next few years. The OnPassive matrix is a monthly recurring income structure that allows affiliates to earn commissions if they recruit other affiliates into the program.

OnPassive offers an internet marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence

OnPassive is a global AI tech company with offices in the US and India. It specializes in providing solutions for businesses in various industries to achieve growth and competitive advantage. Through leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, it helps companies develop and execute their sales and marketing strategies. It provides its customers with a one-stop solution for all their internet marketing needs. OnPassive was founded in July 2018 by Mr. Ash Mufareh, a veteran in the IT industry.

OnPassive’s platform is built with artificial intelligence, which is used to identify, prioritize, and act on business demands. It also includes a range of advertising options, an email marketing system, and URL shortener. The platform makes it possible for businesses to generate traffic from their own websites.

OnPassive is not a pyramid scheme

The OnPassive Business opportunity, which claims to be a new and revolutionary AI platform, is currently under investigation by the Office of Consumer Protection. The investigation into the OnPassive business began after the Bhutan National Bank informed the Royal Monetary Authority that 13 people had been recruited to promote it. In addition, 53 people had invested USD 105 in the scheme. Many of them invested through credit cards.

This internet marketing opportunity, also known as OnPassive or GoFounders, claims to have an AI-powered marketing platform that eliminates the need for manual decisions. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. It has been reported that many people are interested in the opportunity, but there are a lot of questions regarding the company’s authenticity.

OnPassive does not disclose its income disclosure policy

OnPassive Business is a system that uses automated advertising to generate sales. The company’s software includes tools for high schools, universities, and governments. It also offers technical know-how to its clients. However, the company doesn’t disclose its income disclosure policy or its upfront costs. For that reason, the company may not be a good fit for newbies.

OnPassive Business claims to use artificial intelligence software to improve their advertising system. They also tout their automated advertising and personalized tools. This system uses artificial intelligence to identify your needs and automatically take action. It is similar to an MLM business opportunity, in that you build a team, who are paid a commission, and recruit other members. The system works on a 3×10 matrix, with each member earning a commission based on their membership level. However, these membership fees are quite high and the products they offer are of low quality.

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