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Is Zoom Whitening Completely Safe for Teeth Enamel?

by AndrewSmith
Zoom Teeth Whitening

A confident smile brings the major difference. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t smile or feel shy to smile at public because of discolouration and stains on teeth. But thanks to dental technological advancements which make retention of white teeth possible with advanced teeth whitening procedure.

ZOOM teeth whitening procedure is one such advancement that is professional and completely safe. It can make your teeth colour lighter 1-6 shade fulfilling your dream of desirable smile. Continue reading this blog to know if it is safe for enamel or not.

What involves in ZOOM teeth whitening procedure?

Dentist performs ZOOM teeth whitening procedure by using special lamp and bleaching gel. While performing it the dentist will ensure the comfort and safety of the patients’ oral health.

After applying the bleaching gel the dentist will use ZOOM lamp at special wavelength. This deadly combination releases activated molecules which penetrate into the enamel of teeth wiping away the dark pigments from beneath neutralising overall colour.

As a result you will obtain bright and light colour of teeth that brings more overall youthful appearance.

These are what you can expect from this whitening treatment:

  • Dentist will carry out initial exam for assessing the degree of stains
  • Then a special protection will apply on mouth tissues, gums, tongue and lips. It will insulate the areas from UV rays and bleaching
  • Then special whitening gel will apply all over teeth surfaces
  • Now the dentist will use special ZOOM lamp on teeth applied with bleaching gel. It will activate the bleaching agent enabling it to deal with tough discolorations and stains.
  • After 15 minutes the dentist will remove the whitening gel completely
  • Now the dentist will apply special fluoride treatment for lessening the impact of sensitivity

During the appointment, the process will carry out 3 times. Hence, be prepared to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes at the dental clinic. On completion of first appointment, you have to revisit to dental clinic for a few more sessions to achieve the desirable shade you want.

If ZOOM teeth whitening safe for enamel

Most of the patients concern regarding the enamel safety while they opt for ZOOM. Due to the dental advancements, you can completely rely on the dentist’s choice as the treatment is completely safe and proven. However, it is better to ask the questions on the procedure if you have any before performing it.

When it comes to the safety of ZOOM on enamel there is no doubt in that. The combination of laser with bleaching gel in the procedure will never harm dental health. Moreover, it will strengthen the hardness of the enamel up to 37% compared to the present strength.

The gel is rich in hydrogen peroxide having the substance ACP or amorphous calcium phosphate. Both of them are effective in addressing any dental flaws like minor cracks and fill them.

The gel and the process don’t lead to enamel stripping or softening. Even it will not result in unusual wear. Only these are some common concerns of the patients who consider whitening treatment.

However you may experience tooth sensitivity for some weeks or days to come. It is not because of damage but for dehydration and it is a natural as well as temporary phenomenon which occurred because of bleaching.

If you opt for fluoride treatment post whitening treatment then the sensitivity will reduce to half. But you must abstain from consuming hot or iced drinks and more sweets initially for the first week of treatment as additional precaution.

Reason to perform teeth whitening by a professional

Only the professional dentist will provide the desirable colour of the teeth. They will offer personalised treatments which will deliver reliable results as per your need in a short span of time.

The persons who can enjoy the benefit of professional ZOOM whitening treatment are:

  • Those who are not happy with the present natural colour of the teeth and want brighter and lighter look
  • Those who drink tea and coffee often with awareness of teeth staining on the surface of teeth from these drinks
  • Those who are smokers and have dark teeth because of nicotine effects
  • Those who are aging and notice yellow or grey change in the tooth colour

Stains accumulation takes place on teeth from multiple sources along with aging. It is because tooth’s inner pulp will shrink and dentin exposes. Also the interior side becomes vulnerable to stain and deposition of yellowish pellicle film.

Yellow or grey surface is both embarrassing and distracting. Therefore, teeth whitening treatment is essential to eradicate those stains and promotes the aesthetic appearance. Even it boosts the self-confidence by fulfilling the dream to have pearly white smile.

Contact the nearby dentist to embark your journey of a great smile

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