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Joey King Height, Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, & More!

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Joey King Height

Joey King is an American-based actress who is widely recognized not only in the United States of America but also worldwide. This is because of the fact that her tremendous acting skills and remarkable personality traits are significantly admired by her followers, fans, and the common public.  

Joey King was born in California, Los Angeles, on the 30th of July, 1999. That being said, you should know the Joey King age. She is around 22 years old at the current stage of her life.  

In order to learn more about this renowned American celebrity details, such as Joey King height, weight, net worth, age, relationship status, social media handles, family details, and much more, we will propose you read this article till the very end! What is Joey King height? Read more to discover with us! 

Everything You Ought to Learn About the Life of Joey King 

As mentioned previously, Joey Lynn King is a well-recognized American-based actress who is also known by her stage name in the Hollywood entertainment sector. That being said, one should be well aware of the fact that the stage name of Joey Lynn King is Joey King, which is widely used by her followers and fans. You can get all your queries cleared regarding the Joey King height below.  

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While playing the crucial and noble roles of acting and modeling for the general public, Joey King has also established an emerging foundation for herself. Joey King started getting recognition after her initial role in ‘The Kissing Booth’ in 2018. Due to her remarkable acting and modeling skills and decent work ethic, Joey King has been awarded a considerable number of awards and affirmations.  

Having said that, we should mention that some of the most recognized awards and affirmations won by Joey King include the Primetime Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award. While a lot of fans and followers of this American model and celebrity wish to learn about Joey King age, we should tell you that Joey King is about 22 years old as of 2022.   

All Crucial Details About the Educational Background and Parents of Joey King 

Joey King was born to her parents on the 30th of July, 1999. The name of the father of Joey King is Terry King. At the same time, you should also be aware of the fact that the name of the mother of Joey King is Jamie King. That being said, you should again record that Jamie king, the mother of Joey King, is a very kind-hearted woman by nature.  

While talking about the family details of Joey King, it is indeed worth noticing that she has two sisters. However, both of her sisters are older than her. Also, you should know that the names of the sisters of Joey King are Hunter King and Kelli King. Both the sisters of Joey King, Hunter King, and Kelli King, are currently working as actresses, just like Joey King herself.  

As far as the religious preferences of Joey King are concerned, it is to be noted that she is somewhat Christian while she also actively follows the religion of Jews. In order to learn about the Joey King height, it would be best for you to read further in this article!  

All About the Relationship and Family Details of Joey King 

As far as the educational background of Joey King, one should be well aware of the fact that this American-based actress was enrolled at the Phoenix Ranch School, which is currently located in Simi Valley. 

After completing her primary education, Joey King decided to get enrolled at the University of South West. From this educational institution, Joey King got a hold of her bachelor’s degree. Whatsoever, we can say that Joey King preferred more displaying instead of contemplating right from the start of her teenage life.  

That being said, it should be known by the general public that Joey King has been enrolled in a significant number of contests throughout the span of her teenage life. In a capacity at the Cultural Arts Center of Simi Valley, Joey King sang an exceptional Capella at a remarkably young age. 

Apart from this, this young evolving American actress has also sung and performed for a Children’s Theater in Agoura known by the name ‘Stage Door.’ The Joey King height is about 5 feet and 5 inches.  

Learning About the Dating Life of Joey King 

According to a considerable number of credible sources on the internet, Joey King has not been married to anyone yet. That being said, one might assume that she is probably dating someone. However, no such reports have been revealed by the general public or social media platforms.  

However, based on the personal preferences of Joey King, she is most likely to date Taylor Zakhar Perez or Steven Piet. Apart from this, she also is obsessed with several other stars in the Hollywood acting field. The Joey King height is 5 feet and 5 inches.  

What Are the Exact Body Measurements of Joey King? 

There is no denying the actuality that Joey King is one of the most beautiful and decent actresses In the Hollywood film sector at the current moment. Apart from this, her personality and overall character are what appeals to most of her fans and followers. Joey King has an unmatchable slim body type, decent looks, and a charming grin. What else could one wish for in terms of aesthetics? 

The measurement of the waist of Joey King is 26 inches, while the measurement of the chest of Joey King is 37 inches. Apart from this, we should also tell you about the Joey King height, which is about 5 feet and 5 inches. Apart from this, Joey King has a bodyweight of 55 kilograms.   


Joey King is one of the most widely recognized actresses in the United States of America. The Joey King height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Also, she has beautiful eyes and glossy hair.  

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