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Leveraging Sales Enablement To Improve Sales Productivity

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Leveraging Sales Enablement

How Does Sales Effectiveness Work?

Closed-won deals and revenue generation are what matter most in terms of sales effectiveness. There are numerous chances for sellers to “win” with buyers throughout a deal. The ability of a company to succeed at each of these touchpoints and sustain success over time is measured by its sales effectiveness.

The amount of money your company spends to close a deal is measured by sales efficiency. By dividing the amount of money your business spends on sales-related activities by the revenue generated, you can determine sales efficiency. When you take into account both sales effectiveness and efficiency, you can calculate sales productivity. The effectiveness-to-efficiency ratio in sales is the measure of results to expenditures. In terms of sales, your outcomes might be the number of calls you make or demos you finish in a day, while your investments might be the amount of time you devote to those activities.

Different Ways Of Leveraging Sales Enablement

The leaders who are best able to adjust to the new reality are those who prioritize investing in scalable, repeatable, and consistent effective sales motion rather than adding more staff or talent. To weather this perfect storm, organizations must become fixated on inspiring and keeping their top performers to take on new challenges.

To assess the effectiveness of sales enablement and the effects of their investments, businesses are looking for ways to measure sales enablement’s return on investment (ROI). Here are some strategies for creating a high-performing sales enablement function that will promote revenue growth.

Using A Powerful Sales Enablement Mission

To drive measurable revenue growth and acceleration quarter over quarter, the mission of the modern sales enablement function needs to expand beyond just developing easily accessible content, educating reps on new products, and developing a successful onboarding program.

Building a continuous sales enablement program that goes beyond the onboarding program is necessary for effective sales enablement. This includes certifications that monitor the consistent application of the chosen sales methodology (such as SPIN, MEDPIC, CHALLENGER, etc.), the accuracy of forecasts (less than 5% commit slippage), and the generation of revenue growth from quarter to quarter.

Following the goals, there must also be proper marketing collaboration. Sales leaders need to make sure that the sales enablement program is being used and should take ownership of adoption with teams, even though marketing typically creates the vast majority of the necessary content.

Aligning OKRs for Sales Enablement That Affects Revenue Impact or Growth

Developing customer behaviors, sales patterns, competitive signals, and new use cases must all be found in the sales data analysis that successful sales enablement teams must perform. As an illustration, businesses that keep tabs on the number of deals lost to rivals frequently observe increases in both quota attainment and customer retention.

Teams responsible for sales enablement must spend time making sure they have a CRM dashboard where they can monitor the aforementioned metrics. Success depends on measuring the ROI of sales enablement.

Using the Right Tech Stack to Modernize Sales Enablement

Your sales enablement team must have access to the appropriate tech stack, which should include learning management systems and onboarding tools, as well as coaching that uses AI.

How Canva Presentation Can Improve Your Sales Enablement Strategy?

A successful sales enablement strategy works hand in hand with the all-in-one sales toolkit from Canva. You can get to the heart of what matters most to your customers with the help of clear and productivity-enhancing features like Email Templates, Attachment Tracking, and Reporting & Analytics.

You can maximize meaningful customer interactions with the help of Canvas email templates. Our templates allow you to reach more customers while providing greater value because they offer the ideal balance of automation and personalization. Also, different features of Canva Presentation aid in providing different templates to help in producing engaging content for prospective customers. You can build a library of ready-to-use messages that have been shown to increase your win rate using the practically limitless template and customization features that are available.

How Does Sales Enablement Aid In Improving Revenue Growth?

Understanding what works and developing repeatable workflows are essential to maintaining revenue growth. Businesses that have established sales metrics are better able to measure the results of their sales efforts and boost productivity.

Customer engagement can be inferred over time from the sales activity data collected by your company. Your GTM organization can learn what content resonates with buyers the most as your sellers close new deals by using metrics from the content they shared. This will enable them to create more of that content. Sharing that asset in subsequent deal cycles may become best practice if a case study featured a specific individual from a particular industry.

Seller productivity and ongoing development are two additional benefits of AI-guided selling. Artificial intelligence (AI) combines human intelligence and computer learning to help sellers spot trends that facilitate more efficient buyer engagement.


Efficiency and effectiveness in sales are largely a result of sales enablement. Having access to the appropriate context and content is made possible by a dedicated sales enablement solution, allowing sellers to engage with every buyer in a meaningful way.

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