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Maintain Customer Comfort with AC Repair Service in Dubai

by AndrewSmith
Ac services in Rasal khor

Fruit and Vegetable marketplace, Global City, and Silicon Oasis are now providing auto AC servicing at our Ras-Al-Khor location. It is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology for all of your auto air conditioning needs.

We can tailor a Safety maintenance strategy to your needs, ensuring that your air conditioners are constantly operating at peak efficiency.

Our customers face issues.

  •  The air conditioner will not activate.
  • Fascinating noises or vibrations occur during starting or operation.
  • Warm air is expelled from the supply registers.
  • The unit emits a humming sound, but the fan does not turn on.
  • The fan is turning on, but the compressor isn’t.
  • Moisture has accumulated around the air conditioner.
  • AC Serving & AC Repair Dubai
  • Completely not operating
  •  it must replace faulty components like spare parts

Refill AC gas

Car cooling systems cool your ride by exposing a high-pressure coolant to the outside air. When you squeeze the coolant, it turns into a liquid and soaks up heat from the air outside. It chills the air leaving the vents. It’s recommended to refresh your car’s AC condenser every two years because it might lose up to 20% per year. For the most effective cooling, top off/refill your coolant every summer.

AC Maintenance

Occasionally, specific components of our automobile’s air conditioning have been giving us trouble for a considerable time and must be tested frequently. In such instances, many vehicle owners opt to maintain or repair that component, not the entire air conditioning system. It can perform this service on any element, including the cooling coil and condenser.

When you hire us to repair your air conditioning systems, you can rest assured that you’ve made the optimal decision. Ac services in Rasal khor will come to your rescue when the temperature increases and your air conditioning system malfunctions. Al. Ghubaiba has technical teams that are skilled and competent to serve you.


AC Parts-

Many drivers prefer to replace a troublesome air conditioning component rather than have it serviced or repaired repeatedly. Our Ac services in Rasal khor centre has professional technicians who can replace specific air conditioning components.

Ac is not only working on one unit. It comprises on condenser, compressor and evaporator. All the parts work in combination, and a real operator knows which part needs more maintenance. Damage to any part can cause big issues in the machine.


Replacement AC Compressor


The compressor compresses refrigerated air and sends it to the condenser, where it’s transformed into a cooling gas that chills the passenger compartment. The cooled gas is then condensed and returned to the compressor. An automobile AC compressor’s lifespan is 8-10 years. However, Ac services in Silicon Oasis can be shortened by over- or under-use. Given the UAE’s conditions, replacing the compressor once is almost inevitable, although routine care and use can delay the need for a second replacement.

Regular inspections and maintenance can increase a car’s air conditioning system’s effectiveness and lifetime, improving cooling and saving you money. A driver’s usage habits affect the efficiency and lifespan of these components. Therefore it’s essential to use the air conditioning system appropriately to maximize its performance and durability.

Visit the Ac services in Rasal khor  in Dubai for all types of AC repair, servicing, and part replacement for Cars, Coaches, and Trucks.


Get the most reliable repair and maintenance service from Al. Ghubaiba. They provide a lifetime guarantee to their customers. Suppose you are facing an issue in your machinery, whether the refrigerator or AC, just call the support team. The crew of experts will reach out within minutes to handle your emergency issue. Every electrician is not reliable to rely on. Find the best-skilled electricians to work on your machinery Ac services in Silicon Oasis otherwise, you will face a lot.

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