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MLM Opportunity Review – ONPASSIVE Business

by AndrewSmith

ONPASSIVE Business is an IT company focused on building a total business solution. Its objective is to bring value and innovation to help businesses achieve their full potential. The company offers MLM opportunities for people who are interested in marketing automation. The company provides marketing automation tools and software to help business owners and managers achieve the best results from their marketing and sales efforts.

Onpassive is a marketing automation platform

on passive company is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses automate as many marketing functions as possible. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or operate an online business, ONPASSIVE will streamline your marketing efforts. You’ll have more time to run your business and focus on other functions.

ONPASSIVE offers AI-powered business automation tools that automate everything from sales and recruitment to marketing. By integrating business process automation, it allows businesses to create a unified, personalized customer experience. Customers now spend 85% of their communications online. ONPASSIVE uses this knowledge to create totally autonomous SaaS products that improve the online experience.

It is a pyramid scheme

OnPassive has a 3×10 matrix business structure where members earn commissions directly from their recruits. Each member in the program gets a commission when their recruits buy a package. The matrix expands outward, and more recruits mean more commissions. You can start earning commissions on your own, or you can invest in the OnPassive business by purchasing a matrix bundle for $25 to $500.

OnPassive is an MLM pyramid scheme that targets the desperate and tech illiterate boomers of the West and the desperation of the masses in Asia and Africa. This is nothing more than a money making scheme for the CEO who wastes money on events to lure more suckers. Furthermore, the CEO has a history of running MLM schemes and “get rich quick” marketing scams.

It is a marketing automation platform

OnPassive is a marketing automation platform, which offers an all-in-one solution to building a successful business with minimal effort. This software eliminates the need for sales, marketing, and recruiting. Instead, you spend more time focusing on revenue-generating activities. It offers unlimited access to marketing automation tools and team members. All you need to do is be an active member to use the tools. The platform also helps you create a global network of businesses, helping you to grow your business.

OnPassive offers a marketing automation platform and advertising credits to its members. These advertising credits can be used to promote their business and generate recurring income. The platform includes a forum where business owners can exchange ideas and solutions to solve business problems. The forum allows you to work together with other business owners, and learn from their successes. This helps you grow your business and achieve profitability.

It uses artificial intelligence

OnPassive Business is a start-up that offers a wide range of products for businesses. Its artificial intelligence-based products help businesses in many different aspects. Currently, the site is under development, so the features and benefits may change in the future. But, if you’re considering trying this company out, you should know what it offers before you make a decision.

ONPASSIVE Business Solution is a software platform that allows you to create, customize, and deliver personalized content to your customers. This platform is designed to update your customers on industry news and updates. It also helps you improve your online customer service interactions. This will improve your overall customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and eliminate human errors. The platform identifies patterns and combines them with artificial intelligence to offer real-time customer support.

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