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Morning Desert Safari | The best desert tour in Dubai

by AndrewSmith
Morning Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai is usually thought of as a nighttime trip with thrilling rides, a delicious meal, and a number of exciting shows. Few people know that Dubai has morning desert safaris, but they are just one of many ways to do a desert safari.



The safari starts bright and early in the morning, so you can see the vast and mysterious desert differently. There are a number of reasons to go on a desert safari early in the morning, such as the ones below.

  • Those who will only be in Dubai for a few days will love it. The 6-hour trip in the evening will take up most of your evening. On the other hand, a morning desert safari lets you see the city’s sights for the rest of the day. It starts bright and early, so you won’t waste time getting there.
  • If you don’t want to do the showy things on the night safari, this is a great alternative (such as belly dance and Tanoura dancing performances, smoking shisha, getting your henna painted, etc.). There are lots of fun things to do on the morning desert safari.
  • The safari starts early in the morning, while the desert is still cool from the night. Also, you won’t have to wake up before sunrise to avoid the sun’s glare. You can enjoy the park’s attractions before it gets too hot.



Schedule a morning desert excursion at your leisure. Most of the time, the morning trips are the same, but the schedule and specifics may change. You might see and do the following things on your early morning desert safari in Dubai:


The first part of the adventure

Most desert safaris will pick you up from your home or hotel when you book one. Your pick-up time will be around 5 AM to see the beautiful desert sunrise. The plan was to get a 4×4 driver to take you to the edge of the desert.


Going up and down the sand dunes with Dune Bashing

The amazing dune bashing activity starts the adventure in the desert in the morning. The safety of the guests is essential, so the cars have been made so that they can’t break down. Please ensure everyone is buckled in and comfortable in their seats before we start.


Adventures that are both inviting and fun

Dune bashing might be the most extreme adventure sport you can do in Dubai, but it’s not the only one. You might get some sun while riding a camel in the morning. If you didn’t get to go dune bashing, you might be excited to try quad-riding in the desert. In addition to all of this, the desert safari also has sandboarding.


Taking a trip in a balloon

You can add a hot air balloon ride to your morning desert safari for an extra fee, even though it isn’t part of the standard trip. This hot air balloon ride takes off just before dawn, so you’ll see a beautiful sunrise. When you’re floating at an altitude of 4,000 feet, you can see amazing views of the desert and cities below. Don’t leave Dubai without taking a hot air balloon ride over the desert if you’re going there for a romantic trip. It’s the perfect way to pop the question!


Wild Animal Safari

On a Wild Animal Safari, You’ll Have the Time of Your Life

A hot air balloon ride is an extra you can choose to add on, just like a wildlife safari is not part of the standard morning desert safari. But if you want to find out about the unique plants and animals of the desert, you can make reservations. Your wildlife desert safari will take you deep into the desert, where you might see plants and animals like the Arabian Oryx and gazelles only found there. You would be with a local guide who knows a lot about the plants and animals in the area.


A Breakfast in the Desert

After a fun day of doing exciting things in the desert, it’s time to give your body and mind a boost. Guests are treated to a beautiful Emirati breakfast with fragrant Arabic coffee after most early-morning desert trips. You can get pizza and burgers, but you can also try local dishes like Rgaag, which comprises Arabic bread and eggs, Chbaab, which are pancakes, and Balaleet, which is a kind of fish (sweet noodles). Before the heat of the desert got too bad, you would return to the city. The morning desert safari will probably already be over when the rest of the city’s attractions open at 10.




  • Bring a light cardigan or jacket because mornings in the desert can be cool.
  • It’s best to walk around in sandals or open shoes that are easy to clean if the sand gets inside.
  • Make sure you get a lot of water.
  • Do not participate in the activities if you wear jewelry or other accessories too big.
  • If you are pregnant, have small children, or have heart or back problems, you should not go dune bashing or do other dangerous things.

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A morning desert safari is an essential part of any trip to Dubai. Please don’t put it off any longer. Get your Dubai visa, buy your plane ticket, and prepare for a lifetime’s journey.

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