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Murali Pothineni Wife, Age, Bio, Networth, Height & More!

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Murali Pothineni

India’s Chataparru hamlet is where Murali Mohan was born on June 24, 1940. His real name is Maganti Murali Mohan, and his father, Madhava Rao, fought for independence. He attended Eluru for further study after completing his village’s schooling but was unsuccessful. In 1963, he changed directions and launched his own company that dealt with electrical motors and internal combustion engines. 

He performed in theater plays in Vijayawada as a sideline. Murali Mohan made his acting debut in 1973 as the leading man in a movie for renowned producer Poornachandra Rao Atluri, who was seeking a new face.Let’s learn more about Murali Pothineni and Ram Pothineni wife here!

Even though “Jagame Maya” (1973) was well appreciated, Murali Mohan struggled to find work until renowned director Dasari Narayana Rao hired him for the movie “Tirupati” (1974). His performance delighted Dasari, who hired him for 40 further movies. Murali Mohan closed his company in 1975 and relocated to Madras to focus only on movies. He performed in 350 films.

Career Life

 He played Jayasudha’s leading guy in the 1976 K. Raghavendra Rao film Jyothi, in which the actress had a performance that made her a celebrity. In the movie “Kalpana” (1977), which starred Jayachitra as the main character, Rao recasts Murali Pothineni. After signing up for several films, he and Jayachitra became a popular duo. Both of them denied rumors of an affair. 

During his cinematic career, he claimed that the years 1975 to 1985 were the finest. He was the first actor to represent the Telugu cinema industry on television serials. He decided to take on character parts when he quit playing the lead role in numerous posts in the Andhra Pradesh-based Film Development Corporation (FDC) and National Film Development Corporation (NFDC). 

He also serves as the Telugu Movie Artists Association’s Honorary President.1990. He worked in a variety of roles after taking a sabbatical from active cinema. He serves as chairman of the Jayabheri Group, a development organization. 

He has also been active with the Telugu Desam Party in political matters. He ran for the fifteenth Loksabha in 2009 as the TDP up-and-comer from the Andhra Pradesh parliamentary voting district of Rajahmundry, but he was defeated by an Indian National Congress rival Vundavalli Aruna Kumar by just 2,147 votes. He won the sixteenth Loksabha elections in 2014 while running as an independent from Rajahmundry.

Famous Series

Murali is a well-known name to viewers of television. Among his well-known television programs are “Chandanamazha,” “Aksharathettu,” and “Mangalyapattu.”

Age: In this section, we’ll discuss Murali Mohan’s age and other pertinent birthday information.  What day will Murali Mohan turn old next? Murali Mohan’s next birthday is on June 24, 2022. He’s 82 years, 0 months, ten days.

Height: He’s 175cm (-in centimeters).

Networth:  Currently, his personal wealth is between one and five million dollars. He made money as an actor in the industry. He is one of India’s wealthiest actors.

Murali Pothineni Wife

He was conceived by Madhava Rao and Vasumathi Devi, two liberation fighters. He is married to Jalandhara, and together they have two children: Madhu Smitha pothineni and Ram Mohan.

Madhu Smitha Pothineni

Sharwanand, an actor, has an older brother named Kalyan, who is married to Mohan’s daughter Madhu Smitha Pothineni.

Ram Pothineni

Ram is an Indian actor well known for his Telugu film roles. Ram is Sravanthi Ravi Kishore’s (a renowned film producer) nephew and a son of Murali Pothineni. Ram was born on May 15 in Hyderabad, India; he was raised and completed his education there. He is Sravanti Ravi Kishore’s (a Telugu film producer) nephew. Ram began his acting career when he was just 12 years old. 

At the European Film Festival held in Otten, Switzerland, he appeared in the Tamil short film “ID,” for which he was named “The Best Actor” out of 120 films screened from 60 nations! The genuine acclaim for his work in the movie came when another fastidious director, Mr. Sukumar, gave him a second chance in Jagadam. 

A record for a newcomer, it was a crazy project with high expectations that brought in almost 14 crores in revenue. Ram received a lot of praise from critics for his portrayal, despite the film’s poor box office result.

Murali Pothineni Compassion

The Murali  Trust provides free training to anyone who gets 85% on both the SSC and halfway through the exam and under 10,000 in the EAMCET or other preferred entrance examination. 

The understudy will only be considered following a conclusive examination of their financial situation and network. The trust is focused on assisting financially underprivileged understudies in any network. Since its founding, the trust has accepted around 10,000 design and medical understudies.


Murali Pothineni is not simply a talented actor; he also has a pure heart. His acts of kindness are the finest. He is a really kind man who does good deeds for others. He established a benevolent trust and assisted others. 

His life is replete with guidance for those who wish to accomplish their objectives. We have told you everything and everything like ram pothineni wife, etc.

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