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Best Online Streaming Apps to Watch Free Movies

Online Movies Streaming Apps

by AndrewSmith
Online Streaming Apps

Even if you don’t have cable or a home theater system, watching movies can still be an enjoyable pastime. There are many free online streaming apps that allow you to watch a variety of movies and TV shows on demand—for free! You can even download these apps on your computer or mobile device so you can watch anywhere, anytime.

Online Streaming Apps to Watch Free Movies

Here are some of the best sites for finding and watching free movies online. You can watch free movies online on your computer or mobile device. You can also download a free online movie streaming app to watch movies on your computer or mobile device!

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1. Crackle

Crackle is a free site with a huge selection of movies and TV shows. It’s also one of the most popular streaming sites around. With Crackle, you can watch Crackle on your computer as well as on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and more.

It is an excellent way to watch free movies online because it has hundreds of different genres to choose from: comedy, action, and horror are just some of the categories available for viewing. You might even find some hidden gems in their library!

2. Sonymoviechannel

Sony Movie Channel is a free streaming service that offers users a wide selection of movies and TV shows. You can watch on your computer or mobile device. The service is available in the US only, but if you’re looking for an app with a large collection of movies and TV shows that lets you watch anywhere, this one might be worth checking out.

3. Tubi.tv

Tubi.tv is an online streaming service that offers a wide range of movies to watch for free. The site has a large selection of titles, and you can stream them instantly on your laptop, tablet or smartphone without paying any extra fees. You’ll find films from all genres, including drama and comedy films produced in the United States as well as foreign films from around the world.

If you love watching TV shows or movies on your phone while traveling or commuting to work, there is no better option than Tubi TV!

4. Viewster

Viewster is an online streaming app that offers a huge library of free movies and TV shows. The video quality is great, and there are no ads, so it’s easy to watch on all devices. You can even download a show to your device for offline viewing if you want to save data or just want to rewatch later. It’s also available in many languages, so there’s something for everyone! A subscription isn’t required at Viewster; everything is free!

5. Vudu

You can also watch free movies on Vudu. This is another streaming app that has a wide selection of movies, and it’s free to use. As with Netflix, you have access to movies in HD and SD, as well as subtitles if you need them. The only downside is that this app is available on fewer devices than Netflix or Hulu—but if the device that you’re using does support it then there shouldn’t be any issues!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best free streaming apps to watch free movies. These are just a few of the many options out there, so feel free to explore them all and find which one works best for you! If you’re on the go and need something quick, try Crackle or Tubi TV. If you have time at home but don’t want ads interrupting your viewing experience, try Sony Movie Channel (or any other app on this list). No matter where life takes us — from New York City (or wherever else), thanks for reading!

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