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Phone Battery & Cell Phone Battery Replacement in Vancouver

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Cell Phone Battery Replacement in Vancouver

Almost everyone among us owns a cell phone. It is also no surprise to find people owning more than one smartphone. Smartphones are handy devices to own, and people typically own them for the same reason. Nonetheless, smartphones can run into issues like cracked screens, battery failure, etc. The battery issue is one of the common issues that smartphone users face. When a mobile phone battery dies, phone users can look for a cell phone battery replacement in Vancouver

Besides, there are different types of cell phone batteries that you can find and buy for smartphones. However, all cell phone batteries aren’t equal. There are certain features you need to look for in order to choose the right battery for your cell phone. In this post, we are going to explain to you the different types of cell phone batteries. The information that you will find in this post will also allow you to choose the right phone battery.

How to Choose a Smartphone Battery

A cell phone battery is the main requirement for a smartphone to function. Besides, it is the source that provides electricity to the device. There are some basic perimeters you need to consider before you choose a cell phone battery. In addition, the following are the things you need to know in order to choose a cell phone battery:

Battery Types:

The following are the most common cell phone battery types:

  1. NiCd: Nickel Cadmium
  2. NiMH or Nickel-Metal Hydride
  3. Lithium-ion or Li-on
  4. Lithium-Polymer or Li-pol

Nic-Cd or NiMH batteries are common and easily available in shops that deal in household devices. Besides, almost all smartphones these days have Li-ion batteries. In addition, Li-pol batteries are the newest type of cell phone batteries, as they have appeared recently. Before you buy a battery for your cell phone, make sure you check the user manual of your cell phone. It will allow you to know the type of battery your cell phone supports. 

Battery Capacity:

The battery capacity of a cell phone indicates how much electricity a battery can provide a smartphone. If you don’t know the measuring unit of a battery capacity, you should know it is milliAmpere-hours or mAh. A cell phone battery with a larger capacity runs for a longer period without charging. You won’t also require a quick cell phone battery replacement in Vancouver if your phone battery has a larger capacity. Furthermore, you can use your cell phone with a powerful battery without worrying about your phone battery discharge soon.

You will need to choose a phone battery contingent on the features of your smartphone. If you own a simple phone and don’t often make calls or use media, you may buy a standard capacity phone battery. Conversely, a phone battery with a large capacity will suit your needs perfectly if you own a cool smartphone. On average, the average capacity of the new phone batteries is three to four days. The best phone battery can even run for seven days.

Battery Voltage:

Battery voltage is also an important indicator for household gadgets, such as smartphones. Battery voltage affects the electric power of a cell phone. By the same token, it is also an important perimeter to know while you buy a phone battery. When it comes to a phone battery, you should choose one that supports a standard voltage. Nevertheless, only savvy phone users have an interest in knowing about the standard voltage that a phone battery supports.

Battery Manufacturer:

Frankly, China is the country that makes the majority of phone batteries. Nonetheless, the quality of batteries that the manufacturers make is quite different. The best way to choose the right battery for your cell phone is to buy it from the phone manufacturer’s store. Another option you have for purchasing a cell phone battery is to buy it from a store that specializes in phone batteries. Make sure you don’t forget about the firm guarantee while buying a phone battery.  

Some Tips to Properly and Utilize a Cell Phone Battery

  • Never install or charge a phone battery that you bring from freezing street temperatures.
  • Once you charge your phone battery, unplug the charger from the electricity network. 
  • Don’t let the moisture enter your phone battery.
  • Charge Ni-Cd or NiMH batteries when they completely discharge. Contrarily, you can charge Li-ion or Li-pol batteries, irrespective of their battery levels.


Battery issues are among the most common issues that cell phone users can face. Nonetheless, cell phone users can visit a phone repair shop, like Cell Doctor, for cell phone battery replacement in Vancouver to resolve the issue. Further, there are four common types of cell phone batteries, including, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, and Ni-pol. Li-ion is the most common battery that you can find in smartphones these days. To finish, there are certain perimeters that phone users should look for when they buy a phone battery, including:

  1. Battery Capacity
  2. Battery Voltage
  3. Battery Manufacturer

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