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Ruinsara tal: Complete Guide

by AndrewSmith
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Ruinsara tal trek is one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand and it falls under the Govind wildlife sanctuary national park.

Ruinsara trek kicks off from Sankri village while passing  through some exquisite beauty and thick oak and pine forest. These routes pass through the huge glacier ranges and wildflowers. These routes are filled with different flora and fauna. This trek can really amaze you with some extraordinary snow-capped mountains and hence it offers an enthralling view of this beautiful valley.you can also visit valley of flowers.

If you are looking for something adventurous in Uttarakhand then Ruinsara tal trek will be the best choice for you.



Ruinsara tal trek is best if you can complete the trek alongwith Har ki dun trek. Har ki dun is like a cradle- shaped vale situated in the garhwal region of Himalayas. It connects with the Baspa pass and the vale is located at an high altitude of 3500m. Har ki dun- Ruintara is most probably the oldest trek routes in himalayas which begins from Sankri.  Just do Ruintara trek with har ki dun you will definitely feel that you have achieved something. 

Ruintara trek just gives you a new enthusiasts when you have to take a new route starting from har ki dun to Ruintara. And we must tell you that it will definitely be a unique experience for you.


The best time to do this Ruinsara trek is in the summer days or in the post monsoon months, i.e., between September and October. Starting in March which is the spring month, you can trek in Ruinsara until late June. As the heavy snow filled trails in winters will make it really difficult for you to trek in the winters.


Reaching to Ruinsara can be easily accessible as there are lots of options to reach there. There are three easy ways to reach Ruinsara – Har ki dun. It depends on you, how you want to see and go there. You can go either by bus or train. If you want to go by flight then there is a direct flight from Delhi NCR that is available from where you will reach Dehradun and after that you need to reach at Sankri base camp by road. The Dehradun airport is just 27 km  in distance from the main city and the nearest railway station is Dehradun railway station and you can also get a direct bus from Delhi to Dehradun.



On the first day of the tour, if you are coming form Delhi then  you will reach Dehradun. And after reaching Dehradun, you can take a bus or taxi to Mussoorie where you might book a Hotel or have a place to stay overnight.


On the second day you will have to reach Taluka village which is surrounded by this beautiful geography, filled with greenery. Taluka is a straight point to the Ruinsara journey. Here you need to stay in a camp or tent.

On this day you will go into to Osla and this trail goes through pleasant timbers of willow and walnut. You need to walk a gradual ascent after which yoi will reach Osla village. This picturesque village is located in a fast-flowing brook.


This day your journey will be towards the Har ki dun. This unexplored pretty trains pass through these remote hamlets and rice fields and sap. This beautiful place is  unspoiled by commercialism and modern life. Here people still likes to wear their traditional dresses and always follow the traditional values and culture. These captivating meadows are filled with flowers that is enough to surprise you with its beauty. By the end of day 3, you will able to reach Har ki dun. You entertain the night in camps and canopies.


 This day your journey towards Debshu Bugyal will begin. When you reached Debshu your journey towards Ruinsara tal will start. And this  journey from Har ki dun to Ruinsara is truly startling.

 In this trek you will pass through these beautiful mountain fields and rich green ranges. This averagely difficult journey will be completed in 5-6 hours. And we must say that the stay in camps near the lake can’t be missed.



This morning after having breakfast you must stay for some transformation and discovery. Don’t forget to apprehend the nature at its beauty. Besides the lake you can lay down to have some peace with the nature full with magic. After the night stay you will went back to Osla which is around 18 km down. And then you can go back to your own place.


For any trek safety is very important.

  • Trekking shoes.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • LED flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Extra pair of woollen socks or raincoat.
  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Water bottles or energy drink and bars. 
  • Emergency medical kit

Ruinsara Tal trek is a moderately difficult trek but it can make your mind really calm and strong hence you will reach the destination easily.


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