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SAVE BIG with HDFC Smart Buy Instant Vouchers

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HDFC Smart Buy

Strap: All HDFC Cardholders can save big bucks through Smart Buy Instant Vouchers like me.

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We are constantly looking for options to save more on what we buy. Bargaining at footpath stores is possible. Whereas, when it comes to our favorite brands we wish we could bargain to get a little extra discount and save some bucks. I get choosy when it comes to shopping! 

Be it for myself or for someone I adore, I don’t prefer to go low on quality. Instead, I keep hunting for offers, deals, and discounts. I recently came to know about HDFC Smart Buy Instant Vouchers, through which I managed to save big bucks and wanted to share my seamless shopping journey with my readers. 

January is a month of celebrations for me as it celebrates, New year, Mumma’s birthday, and my elder sister’s anniversary. It doesn’t stop here because January also marks my pet Goofy’s birthday. Occasions call for gifts and shopping for which I looked for smart deals so that I could save without really compromising the quality. I knew January had too many such occasions, thus it wasn’t a bad idea to spend some time to get the best deals and save on bucks. 

I loved a couple of things and even added them to my cart, on various online shopping websites. While browsing I came across HDFC Smart Buy, where I was able to scroll through numerous brands with good deals & great offers under the Instant Vouchers section. I am an HDFC card holder and thus was happiest to know about all the perks of HDFC Smart Buy Instant Vouchers. 

HDFC Smart Buy Instant Vouchers is a gateway to make big savings, each time you shop!

This website: https://www.gyftr.com/instantvouchers/ has ushered me with the greatest deals of January on Gift Vouchers from top brands. 

I availed flat discounts on top fashion brands, like Myntra. Wondering how it works?

Here’s how:

  1. You log in to the HDFC Smart Buy and visit a specific brand voucher page.
  2. After selecting the quantity and value of the voucher, you enter the details of the recipient.
  3. The recipient receives the voucher in their SMS/email inbox after making the payment through their HDFC credit/debit card.
  4. They redeem the voucher by visiting the official website/brand outlet of that brand voucher.

Yes, it’s that simple and quick!

I gifted my mother a Myntra instant voucher worth ₹2000/-. I had availed of this voucher at a flat 6% discount from HDFC Smart Buy Instant Vouchers. So, I got an upfront discount of ₹120/- and with that, I bagged 5X reward points worth ₹300/- that I can use for my next buy from Smart Buy. In a way, the net effective price I paid for the voucher was just ₹1580/-

My mother enjoyed the freedom to shop, she shopped for a ₹2000/- outfit of her choice from the brand of her choice using the Myntra instant voucher.

I even arranged a cake with the Zomato Gift Voucher worth ₹1000/- that I availed at a flat 5% discount with my Infinia card. On this buy I redeemed my reward points worth ₹300/- and paid just ₹650/- bagging another 5X reward points worth ₹150/- for my next buy. 

Did I mention that most vouchers on HDFC Smart Buy come with a flat discount of up to 40% — depending on the brand you are choosing? Fashionistas & foodies are sure to enjoy the crazy deals available here.

The reward points can be over 1500 if you are using an eligible credit card (Infinia and Diners Black Credit Card). You can check the details instantly by visiting any brand page on the portal. 

I have saved big bucks on food dates, grocery buys, movie dates, traveling, and even shopping for apparel & accessories. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will be astonished to view the options you have. 

Looking for gifting options? Use these vouchers for shopping purposes. Or, send them to your loved ones during festivals or weddings & birthdays. 

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