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Fixing Smartphone Issues at Mobile Phone Repair in Kettering

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Fixing Smartphone Issues

All hate a broken smartphone. When your entire life is stored on a single device, it must constantly work well. The older the cell phone becomes, the more likely it is to experience problems like bugs and crashes. The positive aspect is that numerous of the most typical issues have easy solutions you can implement independently. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case forever. If none of these work, we regret to inform you that you may need to get the phone repaired by a professional or replace it with a newer model. Before rushing, please review this blog post regarding mobile phone repair in Kettering.

Typical Smartphone Issues at Mobile Phone Repair in Kettering

Here are some of the typical smartphone issues resolved by mobile phone repair in Kettering;

Faulty Apps:

Your phone’s performance issues aren’t due to a systemic flaw but rather to a small number of malfunctioning components. Identifying which of them it is could prevent a wasted trip to the store and additional expenses. If the problem is exclusive to a few apps, you can clear their data to fix it.

To clear app cache and data on Android, navigate to Settings > Applications & notifications > select the offending app > Storage & cache. There are two possible outcomes here. To begin, tap the menu button and choose Clear Cache to remove the app’s temporary files. The app’s settings will remain intact even after deleting the cache, but that may not be adequate to fix the problem.

If it doesn’t work, mobile phone repair shops recommend clearing and reinstalling the app’s data. Another more thorough option is to erase the data, however this may need you to re-enter your details, such as your login information and password.


If widespread problems keep cropping up unexpectedly in different kinds of applications, it will be more difficult to identify a common cause. Something is malfunctioning in the hardware, getting too hot, or an upgrade didn’t go smoothly. However, a phone diagnosis won’t be necessary for repair. Switching off and restarting a gadget is a common workaround that may seem simplistic but often resolves issues. Because doing so deletes everything from your phone’s RAM, it can fix issues where one or two apps are causing the device to act erratically. Now, you can try the on/off method at this moment.

Remember that a malfunctioning charger or a dying battery could cause regular overheating, and you can buy a new one at a phone repair store.

Poor battery:

Whether you have a brand-new or older phone, you probably need help with battery life. However, things get serious when the battery life reduces to half in just a few hours. This can occur when a battery reaches its end of life and begins to degrade rapidly. Consider installing a new battery in your mobile device when this is the situation. 

Battery Saver is a way to conserve power while using the device. Turning it on may buy extra time between charges, but more is needed to solve the core issues.

Battery life can be prolonged even further by occasionally switching to airplane mode and reducing the screen’s brightness. Location monitoring can also negatively impact battery life; turning it off in settings is recommended.

For Online Phone Repairs Or Other Recommendations, Contact Spark Angels:

For more recommendations, along with tricks and tips, contact Spark Angels. We offer a multitude of services regarding phone upkeep and repair. If you wish to have a mobile phone repaired in Kettering and can’t find the proper outlet, you need to contact us asap. 

At Spark Angels, our technicians have all the expertise and knowledge to make your phones work like brand-new. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the reason behind the phone not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Several potential causes for a smartphone’s inability to connect to Wi-Fi include:

  • An incorrect passcode.
  • A weak Wi-Fi signal.
  • A glitch with the router’s programs.
  • A hardware issue with the device itself.

Try power cycling the router, rebooting the phone, or installing any available software updates to see if that helps. Ensure the Wi-Fi passcode is filled in correctly, then look around for anything blocking the connection. Also, contact a mobile phone repair shop to help you with this issue.

How should I fix my phone’s cracked screen?

If the screen of your smartphone breaks, you have a few options: take it to a cell phone repair shop to get it fixed, buy a DIY repair kit, or shield your screen from additional harm by applying a screen protector. Remember that you may violate your phone’s warranty if you try to fix the screen yourself and further damage the device.

Why is my phone functioning so slow?

There are numerous potential causes for a smartphone’s sluggish performance, some of which include insufficient available storage space, an excessive number of apps operating in the background, programs that are too old, or an infection caused by malicious software.

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