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Stroke Survivors: Ways To Speed Up Recovery

by AndrewSmith
Keeping your body and mind strong requires exercise

One may develop many difficulties with their physical, mental, and cognitive well-being after surviving a stroke. The time taken for complete recovery depends upon the severity of the stroke. Given below are a few ways to assist survivors and their caregivers in the stroke recovery treatment:-


  1. Staying motivated

It is very common to feel lethargic and depressed post a stroke. But, it is essential not to let oneself down and stay motivated while recovering completely. Focusing on a recovery reason and associating it with your action plan is the best way to achieve recovery. The best way to accomplish this is by incorporating sentimental items into your daily routines, providing you with motivational and personal support at all times.


  1. Engaging more in repetitive practices

Engaging in repetitive activities is very important during recovery post-stroke. Neuroplasticity is activated by repetition. It also improves the Brain’s capacity to rewire and function effectively. With this, the side effects of stroke can be avoided. Walking faster and better can be improved by leg exercises.


  1. Walk and improve

Stroke survivors need to walk regularly and at an interval-based pace. It can also be beneficial in helping one improve their gait or ability to walk. Walking should involve not only the feet but also the entire body as a whole. If consistency is an issue in your walking journey, then the best way is to track your progress every day. By doing so, you will be encouraging yourself to do more.


  1. Work on your speech

You can rely on speech-therapy apps to completely improve and recover your speech after a stroke at home. Language difficulties like Aphasia may develop if your left Brain is affected badly. You can consult a speech therapist to identify the type of Aphasia and start working on it by devising a proper plan. Apart from this, you can also take help from inexpensive speech therapy apps and recover your speech easily from home.


  1. Meditation helps too

Meditation can also help you recover from a stroke much faster. It might sound very inconsistent and ineffective in the beginning. But, you will see the difference once you start practicing. Meditation can be very difficult to practice if you have a busy daily routine, but it is highly recommended to recover completely.


  1. Work on your diet

You should take special care of your diet post-stroke. It is because your diet will also facilitate the process of recovery very soon. Specific food can help boost the process of neurogenesis, which is the process by which the Brain creates new neurons. These include nuts, fish, pomegranate, blueberries, etc. If you are obese or have cholesterol issues, it is better to consult a doctor at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Get the optimum amount of sleep

Sleep is one of the best medicines to recover from a stroke. It is also very common for the body to seek rest and for you to sleep more after surviving a stroke. But, the sleep should be a peaceful one. It improves the various body movements and helps gain memory easily.


  1. Rest more than usual

Not only sleep but also giving your body an optimum amount of rest can help you in the recovery process. Try paced breathing exercises to improve your chances of recovery. Rest also means not overdoing exercises, not straining your eyes over longer exposure to digital devices, watching less Television, not engaging in overthinking, and limiting your stress and tension.


  1. Limit your exercises

Exercising helps in the process of recovery. It helps in the proper flow of blood and oxygen throughout the Brain. But it is recommended that one should not overdo the rigorous practices of exercising. You should consistently exercise daily but only by limiting it to shorter durations each day. Extensive hours of exercising won’t help in any way. Rather, straining your muscles and often some other body parts. If possible, you can also hire a professional trainer to help you exercise in the best ways possible every day.


  1. Neuroplasty

The ability of the brain to recover on its own after surviving an injury is called Neuroplasty. In other words, the brain may rewire and remodel itself to be as effective as possible. Neuroplasticity encourages healthy portions of the brain to fill in the gaps left by damaged areas after a stroke. However, the brain requires an ongoing stimulus to promote recovery. The brain makes an effort to become more proficient at a notion or task when repeated frequently. You should focus more on activities that excite and remodel your brain to promote neuroplasticity.

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In conclusion, it can be said that by following the ten steps mentioned above, your journey towards recovery from stroke can be made more effective and faster. It is also recommended that in case of some difficulty during the recovery, you must visit your nearest best neurologist in Mumbai. The Stroke Unit of Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai, is one such unit. It is a neurological section providing services to people who have experienced a stroke, affecting the areas of their brains.

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