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Switch tech supply: pre-eminent RAM modules provider

Switch tech supply: pre-eminent RAM modules provider in Dubai

by AndrewSmith
RAM modules

No matter what you are doing on your computer system, the thing which should matter is to do it perfectly and fast. Switch tech supply is the leading online store to enable you to do things faster and better by providing the best memory storage module. How much you can store data in your RAM depends on RAM memory capacity. For instance, if it is of 8 GB capacity, you can store more data as compared to 4GB or 2GB capacity.

A RAM of large memory capacity makes your system’s performance better. It is because large memory storage can run multiple applications and games better. So far as the quality is concerned, switch tech supply is on top of the list, providing a premier and accurate solution to your data storage needs. Thousands of computers are using our products to serve you. Customer care efficiency of our team cannot be denied. Our support team is too cooperative and understanding to hear your problems and needs and provide proper guidelines.

Components of the RAM memory modules:


Serial presence detection (SPD):

It involves the settings of memory and a few of the specifications of RAM. Motherboard automatically detects SPD, which proceeds the process of RAM modules memory. Some memory manufacturers offer an extreme memory profile (XMP) feature, which helps RAM to work more optimally. In this way, it can perform more efficiently and faster. XPM can be adjusted with a premium Quality RAM module. 


RAM Chip:

We use the chip to store data before the CPU process it. Single side chips module is called single side aka single rank, and both sides chips module is called double side aka double rank.

RAM or random access memory is the type of storage component which accesses and stores data randomly without bothering about data location. If electrical power is provided, it can store data as it is a volatile memory. Switch tech supply is the one and only to provide you with the best storage module. Switch Tech  Supply is a full range


The heat sink or heat spreader:

It is finned by metal which conducts heat which is produced by RAM chips. Heat sink works as heat conductors and protects the chips from overheating and hence from damage. It is normally used for premium quality RAM memory.



It is a place or a small hole. In it latch works to lock the module in the position of memory on the motherboard. The notch is fixed on the bottom or sides of the connectors. It works on the connector and is used to connect the memory module at the right place or right slot, which is compatible with the type of the module. In other words, the notch prevents the module from connecting to the wrong slot on the motherboard.


Ram Memory connector:

Its function is to attach a memory module to the motherboard. It is a yellow pin on both sides of the memory module. We need to handle it carefully as it can create an error in the system, such as if the connector is dirty. In that case, the connector can be cleaned by rubbing with the help of a rubber wipe.



These are used in premium memory modules. It is not necessary for a system, but we can call it a luxury feature in the computer in the form of colorful lights.

To summarize:

Having good quality RAM modules in a system can improve your system performance. To enjoy such efficient and fast performance, visit the switch tech supply and place your order, and you will get your required product at your door.

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