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The Best Speed Cubes for Speed Cubing

by AndrewSmith
Speed Cubes

The Speed Cubers is a documentary that follows speed cubing champions. It follows Feliks Zemdegs, MoYu GTS3, and QiYi. The film is directed by Sue Kim. It features several interviews with top cubers, as well as exclusive footage of the competitions.


MoYu GTS3 speed cubes are among the best speed cubes in the market. With a magnetic spring, these cubes feature a smooth rotation and crisp, crunchy surface. They also have a good fault tolerance rate and a comfortable hand feel.

MoYu GTS3 speed cubes are available in two versions. The first is a smaller version that has less interior plastic. The second is a flagship model that is 59mm in diameter. It features a half-bright stickerless shade. There are several brands of MoYu cubes, including MooGuan and Cong’s Design.

GAN 356 XS

If you’re looking for a high-end cube for speed cubing, the GAN 356 XS speed cube is an excellent choice. It has several features that make it a superior cube and won’t disappoint or annoy you during your cubing sessions. Its design also allows you to make a number of adjustments and customizations, which will improve your experience and make your cubing time more enjoyable.

This premium cube is lightweight and very stable. Its 67 grams make it one of the most portable speed cubes available. It also features adjustable magnets, dual spring tension, and a plastic core that helps minimize weight. It also cuts well and is quiet.


QiYi speed cubes are a relatively new invention. These Chinese-made twisty puzzles were first introduced in 2018 and have quickly gained popularity among consumers. Their cubes are renowned for their quality design and are priced affordably. The company is always improving its cubes and expanding its product line. The company has teamed up with a number of leading product designers to develop new cubes that are both fun and affordable.

One of the benefits of QiYi speed cubers is their smooth turning action. These cubes have little friction between the layers and turn quickly, allowing for ultra-fast algorithm execution. However, these cubes are not ideal for beginners, as they may be difficult to control.

Feliks Zemdegs

If you love speed cubing and want to see the champions do it, you should check out the documentary, The Speed Cubers. Directed by Sue Kim, the film features the speedcubing world’s best. It also features the renowned Feliks Zemdegs.

The two-time world speed cuber has his own sponsorship and gets many promotional products. He competes with a model called the Gan 356 XS. It is symmetrical and six-sided. The fastest time in a 3×3-cube is 4.22 seconds.

While Max and Feliks have a competitive relationship, they have also developed a close friendship. They are both driven to win and support each other in their quest to beat world records. They share the same passion for speed cubing and their respective sports. Feliks’ parents started speedcubing for therapeutic purposes, but they never imagined that the sport would become a friendship between two autistic teenagers.

Max Park

If you are a fan of speedcubing, you might want to watch The Speed Cubbers. This documentary tells the story of speed cubing champions Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park. Featuring the sport’s greatest competitors, The Speed Cubbers is directed by Sue Kim.

In The Speed Cubbers, you’ll see how one of the world’s best speed cubing athletes works to teach a young autistic boy the secrets of cubing at an incredible speed. The documentary is an interesting look into the supportive relationship between two cubing greats. While Feliks is Max’s biggest rival in the sport, they share a common goal of winning. They also root for each other in each competition, but there can only be one champion.

While there are many rivals in the sport, Max Park’s achievements have made him a celebrity. He broke Feliks Zemdegs’ world record for the average number of 3x3x3-inch solves. He has become one of the fastest athletes in the world and has several world records. This has made him a worldwide superstar, and the Netflix documentary about the sport follows his story.

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