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The Lion King and Your Online Reputation

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One of the most famous Disney movies, the Lion King, is about a little lion called Simba, prince of the Savannah Kingdom. His evil Uncle Scar forced him away from his destiny as King in a dark but well-planned strategy. It took time for Simba to come back and reclaim his rightful kingdom and inheritance.

Similar things happen every day to innocent people. Unfortunately, many people have no problem doing evil or twisted things to fulfill their purposes. Some are intent on staining the reputation of others. The internet seems to be an environment where people’s reputations are especially vulnerable. You may have discovered that first hand.

However, just as Simba finally comes out of hiding to fulfill his destiny, there are ways to find peace and triumph again. Here are two crucial things The Lion King teaches about online reputation management.

Even Scars Can Seem Friendly

Learning who you can trust is a lesson you will never finish learning. Human relationships are complex, and even those who were once near and dear can become enemies. As Scar demonstrated, dark intentions can be hidden behind a friendly mask. If you own an online business or are an influencer on social media, be aware of what is being said of you on the internet.

Typically, people’s nasty opinions aren’t something to worry about or take to heart, but online reputation management becomes necessary when it goes from one or two opinions to actually undermining your image and person. There are companies where professionals and specialists help people build up their reputation again after an online disaster, or even better, they detect and prevent you from potential Scars. 

Simba Was Always King

Avoiding Scars isn’t always possible, however. Sometimes you have no control over what happened, and you end up alone to deal with the consequences, like Simba. What happened to him was an absolute tragedy. He lost his dad and was forced into exile. Scar’s lies were so convenient that he believed them. 

You might be feeling the same way after being attacked online: like nobody will see you the same way again and that your future and dreams will be affected forever. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Mufasa said to Simba, “Remember who you are.” You are valuable and can still reach your goals and find success. Professional online reputation management might help you improve your online image or even rescue it. 

Reclaim Your Kingdom

The bottom line: you don’t need to run away like Simba. You know better than to believe the Scars out there, and will a little help from online reputation management professionals, you can face your challenges like a lion king! 

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