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The Show Must Go On: Why Interactive Videos Keep You Engaged

The Show Must Go On: Why Interactive Videos Keep You Engaged

by AndrewSmith

Creating a successful online video marketing campaign often comes down to one thing: keeping your audience engaged. After all, if you can’t hold their attention, your videos aren’t going to produce the results you’re hoping for. The good news is that there are techniques and tools you can use to accomplish this goal, including interactive videos and companion content. Let’s take a look at why interactive videos are so important and how they can help your business grow and thrive online.

What is an interactive video?

Interactive videos are an innovative way to capture your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats. They are an excellent way to provide viewers with a more immersive experience. Interactive video allows for multiple points of entry into the content, which means that viewers can find the most comfortable and engaging way to watch. 

For example, Cinema8 is a platform that offers interactive videos without any downloads or plug-ins.

How are they different from regular videos?

Interactive videos are different from regular videos in that they let the viewer be a part of the show. Cinema8, for example, is a video platform where viewers can click and drag their mouse to change what’s happening on screen. This allows for more engagement and makes your content feel more personalized. In other words, you’re no longer just watching something happen; you’re actually participating in it! The only downside is that these types of videos take up significantly more storage space than regular ones, so make sure you have enough room before making this kind of switch.

Which tools should I use to create them?

You can create interactive video with Cinema8, a free and easy-to-use video editor. In Cinema8, you can use the speech bubble tool to record a comment and place it on the screen as an annotation. You can also add hotspots to your video that link to different parts of your website or YouTube channel. One example is Live Chat Now which offers unlimited chats for only $99/month. Live Chat Now integrates seamlessly into any website and allows for one-on-one chat sessions, group chats, virtual tours, prerecorded questions and answers sessions, game shows and much more. If you’re looking for interactive videos that are engaging, entertaining and can draw in a larger audience – this is what you need!

Best practices for creating interactive videos

Interactive video are a great way to get people to invest in your video content. It engages them and makes them feel like they are actually the ones starring in their own show. The following tips will help you create interactive videos that keep your viewers’ attention. 

1) Provide multiple decision-making points during the video.

2) Give viewers different options with different results or outcomes so they can see how each choice affects the story. 3) Encourage engagement by allowing users to upload photos or video clips as part of their decisions.

4) Allow users to vote on which direction the story should go, leading them down paths with different endings.

Tips to ensure viewers interact with your video
  1. Tell a story. Use video to tell a tale that engages your viewer in an interactive way. 2. Ask questions or solicit feedback. Questions and prompts keep viewers involved in the content and allow for open dialogue between you and the viewer, which can create a community around your video content 3. Make it personal. Make your videos feel like they are directed at one person by using you instead of 
Examples of successful interactive videos

The Kia Epic Split campaign features a video where viewers can drag a slider on the screen to open and close the legs of actor Jamie Foxx as he splits apart. 

In T-Mobile’s Unlimited Music Freedom campaign, users can toggle between different genres of music with the click of a button. 

 For Old Spice’s Smellliker campaign, viewers can click on various body parts to find out how they smell.

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