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Things to do in Pawna Lake

by AndrewSmith
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Pawna lake is an incredibly peaceful and exquisite campsite in Maharashtra. It’s miles situated in Lonavala. It attracts the eye and admiration of masses of vacationers every 12 months. Tenting inside the stunning sky along with your accomplice or circle of relatives is the maximum superb element to do on a weekend, specifically if the camp is set up by using Pawna Lake. you can also visit Yatch sailing in Mumbai. 


The Pawna campsite is surrounded by the aid of lush and green verdure. You can play ludo, badminton, volleyball, chess or carrom there. For visible pride, you may sit down by way of the Pawna dam and permit your senses to recognize the sight of water falling down the height with a gushing sound. Among the leisure sports, hiking and rafting are the maximum adventurous and interesting right here.


Paragliding at Pawna lake

Pawna lake offers adventure seekers the opportunity to paraglide. Paragliding allows you to experience a high-quality flight over the Pawna dam. Except, you can watch the sundown on the horizon from a wholly unique perspective. Flying within the sky and searching down at the sector like you are above and beyond the entirety is exhilarating! 


Tenting at Pawna lake

Pawna lake is likewise called Pawna Dam Reservoir and is 25 km from Lonavala. It’s far extraordinarily popular as a picnic spot and camping website online. This is a brief weekend holiday journey and one of the maximum favored picnic spots close to Mumbai and Pune. Pawna lake is extraordinarily popular and draws quite a few companies and younger crowds. Tents can be observed coated around the outer edge of the lake and you can still relish food around nature. 


Adventure at Dudhiware waterfall

Dudhiware waterfall is a seasonal monsoon waterfall placed at Dudhiware village, near Lonavala. You could revel in recreational activities like water rappelling, zip lining, valley crossing, etc. It’s a 2 tier waterfall located at a peak of 135 ft. Its streams are first-rate active all through monsoon and monsoon is the simplest season for waterfall rappelling. 


Tikona  fortress trek

Tikona is likewise referred to as Vitandgad and is a lovely hill fortress in Lonavala or Mawal. It’s miles located near Kamshet and is simply 37.7 km from Lonavala. The 3500 ft high hill is pyramidal in shape and subsequently its name ‘Tikona’ because of this triangular. The citadel is a superb hiking vacation spot regarded for massive doorways, the temple of Mahadev, seven water tanks, and Satvahan caves. There may be a temple within the cave that is a first-rate enchantment of the castle beside the water cistern. The entry to the citadel is pretty steep and goes thru the stairs. 


Trek up to Lohagad Or Visapur 

Lonavala is likewise domestic to beautiful forts and mountains. Lohagad fortress and Visapur forts are located in Lonavala, just  15.7 km faraway from Pawna lake. Lohagad is one of the first-class and prettiest forts in Lonavala which can be visited at any time for the duration of the 12 months. It is related to Visapur and both the forts may be visited within one day. Visapur citadel is tons larger and better. You may trek up to the 2 forts very simply and it can make an incredibly wonderful but clean exercise. 


Kayaking at Pawna lake.

Kayaking in Pawna has won a reputation amongst the journey community and continues to be an offbeat recreation at Pawna. A kayak can easily be rented and boarded to move the lake, which is deeply loved by using vacationers. It is a special object on people’s bucket lists: Kayaking at Pawna lake. The satisfactory part about it’s far that it is extraordinarily wonderful and safe at the identical time.


Pay a visit to ShindeWadi Hills

One of the most well-known activities near Pawna lake is strolling over the hills at Shinde Wadi located in Kamshet. The hills are located at an altitude of extra than 200 ft; you can witness the thrilling and mesmerizing sunrise from the peak. You could enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the hills as you explore the terrific location. Shinde Wadi hills are located 2 kilometers away from Kamshet and are surrounded by the remarkable beauty of the Bedse Caves and Pawna lake. This region is likewise notable for folks that want to try their hand at paragliding.



If you are seeking to spend a short holiday or your weekend in a nonviolent region laying back and enjoying far away from your nerve-racking ordinary in the city, then Pawna lake is just the destination intended for your weekend. There are several things you may revel in at the website online except camping.

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