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Top 12 Alternatives of Animeultima to Watch Anime Cartoons

by AndrewSmith
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Are you a fan of anime cartoons and can’t find any alternative to animeultima to watch anime? Then don’t worry, we have a list of 12 best sites like AnimeUltima that you can visit online to watch your favorite anime cartoons.

Best Alternatives of Animeultima


AnimeLab is a streaming service that offers anime content. AnimeLab is available on iOS, Android and Apple TV. It also has a free trial period of seven days before you commit to paying the subscription fee of $5.99 per month.

AnimeLab’s library includes popular anime shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail.

Soul Anime

Soul Anime is a free anime streaming site, where you can watch anime for free. If you have premium account, you can also watch anime on the site.


9Anime is the best alternative to animeultima. With a good user interface and large collection of anime series, 9Anime is perfect for those who want to watch anime cartoons on their smartphones as well as on their PCs. 9Anime also has an option for paid memberships where you can watch even more episodes in HD quality.


KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to animeultima. It has a large collection of anime series and movies. You can watch KissAnime on multiple platforms, including your computer, smartphone, tablet or gaming console. The user interface is good enough for you to use it easily without any trouble.

KissAnime is free to use


Gogoanime.io is a new site that has been launched recently, and it is a great alternative to animeultima if you want to watch cartoons in your spare time. It has a large number of anime cartoons and the user interface is quite good for viewing your favorite episodes comfortably.

Another key benefit of this site is that it does not have any ads unlike many other streaming websites out there where they show intrusive advertisements which can be very annoying at times. Also, Gogoanime doesn’t require any signup or login details so you can start watching right away without having to go through any hassle of creating an account on the site first!


It’s a site where you can watch anime for free. It’s similar to Animeultima, but it’s not as popular as Animeultima. Animedao doesn’t have an official app yet, but they do have a mobile-friendly website that works well on phones and tablets. The user interface is very good and easy to use, so you will be able to watch the anime without any problem.

In addition, animedao has many interesting features such as watching anime with subtitles in English or Spanish! There are also many great channels from around the world like Crunchyroll or Funimation which offers many great titles such as Dragon Ball Super or One Piece!


Animeland.tv is a great anime streaming website that offers several categories of anime shows and movies, including action, adventure and comedy. You can watch the best anime in HD quality with high-quality subtitles or dubs. You can also find some rare titles on the Animeland site if you are looking for something different from your usual favorites.

You will be able to watch all these content on your mobile device as well as on your TV via Chromecast or Airplay mirroring feature of iOS devices (iPhone & iPad).

Animeland website has an easy-to-use interface yet it offers many advanced features like auto play button on all videos so you don’t have to scroll through each episode manually; it also has a search bar at the top where users can enter keywords related to their favorite series so that they can easily find what they are looking for without having any problem whatsoever!


4Anime.to is a website that provides high-quality anime content in multiple languages. It is a great alternative for Animeultima as it also has an extensive library of different anime series, movies and cartoons to watch. The website works on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and PCs so you can watch your favorite series anywhere at any time.

4Anime.to offers users an opportunity to watch latest episodes of their favorite shows in HD quality along with subtitles in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, German etc., which makes it easier for non-native speakers who have difficulties following conversations while watching TV shows or movies in English language only (without subtitles).

In addition to this there are plenty of other features available on 4Anime’s site such as:

  • Content filtering by genre or rating level so you can easily find what type of media do you want to watch;
  • Watchlist feature where users can put their favorite titles into one list which they can access later whenever they want;


Crunchyroll is a website that allows you to watch anime online for free. There are over 25000 episodes of anime, and they update every day with new content. You are able to watch all of the shows in full HD and can even download them if you don’t have internet access. The only downside is that some shows require a paid subscription if you want to watch them in any kind of quality or quantity (usually 720p).

The subscriptions are $6.95 per month or $11.95 per month depending on what kind of service you’re looking for, with discounts offered when signing up for longer periods of time (3 months= $19/month).


Funimation is a streaming service that offers anime, movies and TV shows. The company also has an extensive library of dubbed series that you can access from anywhere in the world. The website has English dubs in multiple languages such as English, French and Spanish.

Funimation subscribers get access to a huge library of anime titles within their subscription plans including Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and more! If you want to watch your favorite anime on Funimation without paying for a monthly subscription fee then here’s how:


Netflix is a video streaming service that offers its services in 190 countries. It has over 700 anime series, 100 anime movies, 300 anime shorts and 150 anime specials. You can watch Netflix on almost all devices like PC, laptops, Smart Tv’s or mobile phones.

If you are looking for an alternative to animultima then consider Netflix as it has almost everything that you want!


Hulu has become a popular streaming service for a lot of people. The website has a variety of anime series and movies that you can watch on your computer or mobile device. You will have to pay for the premium version of their website if you want access to all of their content, but there are still some free episodes available for viewing as well.

As far as anime goes, Hulu offers many movies, shows, and specials which are available with subtitles in English or Spanish. There is also an option to turn off the subtitles if you prefer to watch without them.


Anime is a cultural phenomenon, and there are many fans who still want to watch their favorite shows in this format. For those people, we have compiled this list of the best alternatives to Animeultima so you can enjoy your favorite anime cartoons without worrying about getting shut down by copyright claims or expensive subscription fees.

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