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Top Places To Visit With Kids In Dubai

Places To Visit With Kids

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Visit With Kids

Kids’ upbringing is the most critical phase of life, especially for preschoolers and school-aged. Studies revealed that toddler is the most important stage of a child’s development. Unfortunately, today’s kid’s life revolves zipline adventure activities around digital gadgets right from an early age.

It is so because they watch parents doing the same thing, which is the main reason kids prefer spending time indoors staring at these gadgets. Outdoor activities, undoubtedly, play a vital role in a kid’s development but being indulged in managing work pace, parents do not focus on these major life events.

Better late than never. Make their mind to get involved in outdoor activities as it benefits them physically and mentally. The focal point here is how to distract kids from such activities and invigorate them to spend time outdoors.

Dubai, the most popular travel destination, houses many interesting and exciting destinations for kids to visit aiming to have fun and learn. From zipline adventure activities in Dubai to activities that help in cognitive growth, the emirate provides it with all. Whether you are a UAE national or a foreigner looking for the best place to visit with kids in 2022, Dubai comes top of the list. The reason is that the emirate has incredible attractions that excite everyone.

If you are searching for the best places to visit with kids that can enliven and keep them away from technology-driven life, below are some of the options to cheer them up.

1.   Kite Beach

The moment you enter the kite beach, you will see different colors in the sky, which are not birds but kites, and that is what excites kids. Children love to fly kites, and that is why it is the best place to visit. Kids who do not know flying kites can get training there.

A gateway to the world of creativity, the beach has many zipline adventure activities and other activities for kids other than kitesurfing. They can play volleyball, enjoy skating, paddle boarding or swimming. While kids play, parents can enjoy the overwhelming view of their kids having fun. Get amazed by the sight of Dubai’s iconic skyline. When the stomach starts complaining of hunger, you can check the delicious options at the food truck.

2.   KidZania

Suitable for kids of 4 to 12 years, it is a replica of the real world with shops, buildings, and roads. Children play real-world roles which help them have fun, learn, and play. From firefighters to surgeons, kids can participate in many realistic role-plays and get a prize when accomplishing a task that motivates them to perform better. If you are looking for a place of adventure and a platform to learn, KidZania must be your next stop.

3.   Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Another exhilarating and learning destination for kids is the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo located in Dubai Mall. You will find thousands of aquatic animals down there belonging to 140 different species, including id ones like sharks and little marine creatures.

4.   Desert Safari

Make unforgettable memories in Desert safari, from riding camels to dune bashing and sand boarding; Dubai desert has many exciting activities for kids. Aside from that, you can have a delicious dining experience or plan camping under the stars to make the visit all night fun.

5.   Wild Wadi Water Park

One of the iconic places to visit with kids, wild wadi houses 30 different experiences and family-friendly rides. The tantrum Alley for brave little ones of your family and Juha’s Journey Lazy river for chilling with a view of Burj al Arab. It is the best place to chill and have fun with the family.

6.   Aquaventure Water Park

It is a destination of thrill and fun for both kids and adults. Providing the opportunity to beat the scorching heat, Aquaventure water park has amazing water rides for adults and a big kids’ play area in Dubai to have fun.

7.   Dubai Miracle Garden

Experience the world paradise with awe-inspiring views and an aromatic atmosphere at Dubai’s miracle garden. With various statues covered with 150 million flowers, this place will give kids the feel of Disneyland.

8.   Ski Dubai

With various activities and a chance to encounter adorable penguins, it is the best place to visit with kids. From snow park areas to five slope options snowy mountains for skiing with creative activities.Ski Dubai has many attractions for kids making it the best destination to visit with kids. Ski Dubai also houses a state-of-the-art film theatre where you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movie by snuggling in your blanket.

The Takeaway

Incredible places to explore the Flora and Fauna of the UAE, beat the heat with amazing birthday party packages in Dubai, with outdoor adventure activities, and a better learning experience for kids with fun.

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