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Want an Open Floor Plan? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

by AndrewSmith
Open Floor Plan

For many years, open floor layouts have dominated new home construction as an architectural style. Many large-scale remodeling projects aim to create open floor plans where the kitchen and dining room, dining room, and living room, or all three, are combined into a community living space or great room.

These arrangements are particularly helpful for tiny rooms because of how convenient they are, which is why home designs are currently shifting in a much-needed direction. Since real estate values began to soar, this recent real estate design style has become a common remodeling job for most homes. Most apartment buildings are particularly known for their open floor plans. But these days real estate housing projects such as nova city Islamabad are also highlighting compelling open floor plan designs to buyers.

This blog will highlight brief details about open floor plans, and their pros, and cons so that you can choose a home design best suitable to your needs. 

What is an open floor plan?

The combination of two or more common spaces that are brought together to create a larger area and space is known as an open-style floor plan. This is especially helpful in homes and smaller locations with a minimal amount of room.

The partition walls that separate the living room, kitchen, and dining spaces are removed in order to maximize the available space.

An open floor plan does not imply complete openness or the absence of any partitions between the rooms. Only communal areas are included in open floor layouts. Bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms, and occasionally even designated home offices are excepted by this rule.

Pros of opting for open for plan

Grand effect 

No house can be considered “great” until it has an entryway that makes a lasting impression.

When architects attempt to express their creative side on open floor plan blueprints, open concept floor plans best suit their intended function. This is accomplished by designing a visually appealing area that not only encompasses a sizable area but also all necessary places.

A home’s visual appeal is increased by the sumptuous impression that large, open floors give off.

Space efficiency 

The most practical architectural characteristics for compact dwellings are possible because of open-concept floor plans. The housing trends of this century have changed as a result of these elements.

Along with custom homes built to this style, open-concept homes are a great way to design a visually appealing home layout.

Spacious leg room 

It may be difficult to make a huge, comfortable area in a 5-Marla house in Nova City Islamabad. However, with today’s open floor plan designs, it is especially simple to accommodate visitors so that they can easily stay.

This design is especially helpful for hosting dinner parties and entertaining a large group of friends and relatives. You have a large place to put up and easily fit everyone in because the outdoor and indoor spaces are connected.

Real estate value 

You shouldn’t pass up the chance to invest in real estate when it comes to open floor plans for lofts, one-story homes, and offices. These drive up the value of luxury homes daily and are a key selling element.

So whether you’re seeking to modify your own home or purchase a property, taking into account this style for a contemporary touch is a terrific idea to increase the value of your home.

Cons of choosing the open floor plan 

Bearing walls 

The walls that support the weight of your home’s foundation are known as bearing walls. A big challenge in your renovation project may be carrying walls if you want to convert your house to an open floor plan.

This is due to the fact that it can be quite expensive to tear down such walls and install new beams. Additionally, it might not conform to the architecture of your existing home’s blueprint.

Messy space 

Open floor plans might not be to your taste if you’re a very organized person who values cleanliness at all times. This is due to the fact that a filthy kitchen will always be seen from your seating area or when guests first enter your house.

Closing the door won’t help to hide the mess either. Additionally, if you have some guests coming over soon, it can be a great hassle.

Limited privacy 

Noise will be carried between rooms with an open kitchen, living room, and dining area. As a result, it will divert people from activities that call for focus, like reading or studying.

Other times, when you want to unwind and take a break from your children, your privacy could suffer. Due to the fact that you are constantly visible to everyone while performing your duties, such a design is not optimal under these circumstances.

So when you are about to meet an architect keep this information in mind before finalizing a floor plan layout.

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